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Ranma ½

Season 6 Episode 19

Akane goes to the Hospital!

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1992 on Fuji Television
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Episode Summary

Distracted by Ranma scuffling with Gosunkugi, Akane gets a bone fracture during gym class and has to spend the next few days in Dr. Tofu's clinic. Everyone comes to visit her... except Ranma, who just can't decide what he's going to say to her.

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  • Very special

    A great and very special episode. It shows how Ranma actually cares for Akane when he stops Gosunkugi from taking pictures of her. She fall, breaks her foot and has to go to Dr. Tofu's. Ranma shows how shy he is when he wont go apologize to Ranma because he thinks that no matter what he does, she is going to think that he did it out of love, which Ranma doesn't want Akane to know. In the end Ranma feels so sorry for what happened to Akane and he makes her an apology banner and takes her home on his back. This episode shows how they really love each other.moreless
  • While trying to stop Gosunkugi from taking pictures of Akane, Ranma knocks the camera to the floor and the resulting flash causes Akane to fall and fracture her leg. Everyone visits her except for Ranma, and when he does they fight...however he does redeemoreless

    I'd have to classify "Akane Goes to the Hospital" as my favorite Ranma 1/2 episode of all time. Both of the previous episodes ("A Xmas without Ranma" and "A Cold Day in Furinkan") were very well done but this one easily tops both of them and almost any previous episode that promotes the growth of Ranma and Akane's relationship. The plot: Ranma stops Gosunkugi from taking pictures of Akane in a leotard and when he does a flash from the camera goes off, blinds her for a second and she falls and fractures her leg. Akane is transferred to Dr. Tofu's clinic, and at first the Tendos and Genma visit her, but Ranma doesn't come.

    Thus starts an excellent scene where Ranma comes in and after apologizing to Akane he almost admits feelings for her but suddenly he is seen snapping out of a day dream in a tree. I loved this part as Ranma imagined another scenario and it ended up with Akane saying that he must love her to do what he did. Ranma's reactions to these dreams are hillarious as he screams out in mock-horror at the thought of Akane even suspecting that he could love her.

    Akane is then shown and she's ticked at Ranma and writes "Stupid Ranma!!" on her cast. All of her school-mates come to cheer her up and wonder where Ranma is, after they leave Ranma can be seen hovering above the door. He almos enters but a well done close up shot of his face displaying his quivering eyes makes me believe that he felt terrible about what happened to Akane and can't even bring himself to face her; which results in him leaving a bouqet of flowers in front of her door.

    A very funny scene follows at the Tendos' where a talent show is taking place and Akane's two girl friends jump up and start singing "Don't make me wild like you" (the season 1 intro song).

    As one of the few comedic scenes in the episode I think you'll appreciate it as a nice reprieve from the seriousness. Ranma then heads to Akane to drop off some clothes for her but when she recoils in horror because she doesn't want him to see that she wrote "Stupid Ranma" on her cast, the scene turns into a screaming match and Ranma leaves, angry as ever.

    Ryoga does get a small part in this episode but quickly gets changed into P-Chan and stays with Akane, which makes her happy to have her pet with her. She then looks through a photo-album of Dr. Tofu's and finds some hidden pictures of Kasumi. Akane and P-Chan's expressions towards Tofu are extremely funny and you'll have to see them to understand. Akane, after laughing, says in a serious tone, "Pictures...of the one you love..."

    Ranma soon receives a call at the Tendos' and Akane tells him that she's being released early. We soon find Ranma putting together something (obviously for Akane) and rushes off in the morning to get to her.

    Akane walks out of the clinic to find Ranma standing outside, waiting for her with a large banner that says "I messed up, sorry Akane."

    If you have any emotions you'll have tears in your eyes at this point as it is such an amazing feat for Ranma's character to apologize in such a way to Akane. Oh and he also has the picture of Akane when she fell...

    This is easily the most heartfelt episode in the series and if you haven't seen it then you are missing out, big time.moreless
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Teryl Rothery

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Venus Terzo

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