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Episode Question

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    [1]Feb 5, 2008
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    I saw on youtube a music vid of Soun Tendo, he was in hisunderwear pouring coldwater on himself, I guess he was trying to make himself sick, I don't know what the hell he was doing I always thought he was a strange character, but I was wondering what episode that was?

    WARNING: the video is very disturbing at least to me I only saw the fist 5 seconds. I rather see Ryoga (sp?) in his underwear than Soun.

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    I dont have to see it, it was from one of the OAV's #3 - Akane versus Ranma I will be the One to Inherit Mothers Recipes.
    Nodoka (Ranma's mom) was trying to Teach Akane to cook, and Soun was purifying him self in atonement and in hopes that "his daughter could be cured"
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