Ranma ½

Season 2 Episode 18

Goodbye Girl-Type (3)

Aired Unknown Mar 09, 1990 on Fuji Television



  • Trivia

    • At the end of the episode when Ranma finds the well 'dried up', in the Japanese dub as she sinks under the waves, she is heard singing 'Don't cry, china boy.' which is the end song for that particular series.

    • Before Pchan tries to lead Happosai outside, the pair of panties on his head are pink. However, while Happosai tries to get the panties from him, they turn the same color as Pchan for a couple of seconds and then change back later in the scene.

    • When Ranma has all three urns and is back at Cologne's shop she refers to the red urn as the magenta urn but in the previous episode she called it the crimson urn.

    • In the scene where right after Ranma discovers Happosai, the shot shows him in his regular male form. But in the next two shots, Ranma is back in his girl form. How could it be that Ranma could be in his guy form, than back to girl form?

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