Ranma ½

Season 1 Episode 1

Here's Ranma

Aired Unknown Apr 15, 1989 on Fuji Television
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Here's Ranma
Soun Tendo gets quite a surprise when the son of his friend Genma Saotome, whom he had arranged for one of his daughters marry, turns out to be a girl.

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  • Cursed to turn into a girl whenever splashed with cold water, and unwillingly engaged to the rather temperamental and violent Akane Tendo, 16-year-old Ranma Saotome's life is anything but ordinary.

    Hell yeah, another great anime!

    Just to start I have to say that the opening music of this season is the best (In my opinion, maybe because is the one used in every season in my country (I'm mexican by the way)but it's really good). In the begining we have a young girl (Ranma girl-form) and a big panda discussing, the panda (Genma) ends bringing the girl along with him. After this, we have Soun Tendo calling all of his daughters (Kasumi, Nabiki and Akane) to meet their fiancee. After that they talk a little before they arrive. After they arrive they are confused about the fact a panda and a girl drop into their house. She says she's Ranma but after Soun notices he's a girl he passes out. When he wakes up, every one is fighting about that, but Akane instead supports her and invites her to spare with her a little. Next Genma takes a bath and explains everything to his long time friend Soun. Ranma is encouraged by Kasumi to take a shower same time as Akane but when she enters Ranma is already in his boy form so he scares Akane, and she yells loudly. While Akane is explaining why she screamed Ranma shows up and introduces himself again. Genma explains everyone about them, how they got that curse, they told them they were training in China in some spring training ground, the guy in charge of the springs tried to explain them about the springs but instead they started to train without hearing any advice so that's the story. After that Soun asks Ranma to pick any of his daughters but they decide Akane should be the one. They argue a little and Akane gets upset and hits Ranma with table, he passes out for a while and after he wakes up he watches Akane naked once more and gets hit again. Pretty much that's everything that happens in this episode.moreless
  • A great start to this classic anime.

    A young girl named Ranma is battling a giant Panda. It seems like the Panda set up Ranma into marrying someone for business reasons. The Panda prevailed as the victor, and took the young Ranma away. Back in another household, three girls; Kasumi, Nabiki, and Akane, are preparing for the arrival of their destined fiancee. Akane doesn't seem to like men very much, and isn't excited about this at all. When they arrive, a large panda carrying a young girl, walk through the hallway. The father faints as the fiancee turned out to be a woman. Akane was rather pleased at the turn around events, and quickly makes Ranma her friend. When Ranma takes a bath, she turns into a man! Akane caught a glimpse of his manhood, and screamed. The father, who was the panda, then explains that they fell into cursed springs that when exposed to cold water, turn into the type of living thing that died in the spring. The father fell into a spring where a panda died, and Ranma fell into a spring where a young girl died. Akane immediately starts hating Ranma, but this is just the beginning of their relationship.

    I'm really enjoying Rumiko Takahashi's classic works over her newer ones, such as the likes of Inuyasha. While I really enjoyed Inuyasha, both Maison Ikkoku and Ranma 1/2 are turning out to be better products than Inuyasha. Well, I haven't seen all of Ranma 1/2 yet, but judging from this episode, and the opinions of others, Ranma 1/2 is far better, but that's just a very incomplete opinion. I really liked how the conflict of the story was immediately introduced during the ten minute mark. The first half did a good job of building up the relationships between the characters, and establish what type of characters they were. Akane at first, seemed to have been one of those cheerful girls, but after the secret was let loose, things immediately changed. Change so early in a story isn't bad; in fact, it makes things much more entertaining and interesting.

    I also liked how Ranma's attitude changed as well. At first, he even fought with his own father in the public. That was a hilarious scene by the way; the episode immediately introduces a very bizarre scene, and that in itself is quite humourous. Plus, it was funny seeing everyone's reactions seeing a young girl battle against a Panda. Anyways, Akane's reaction to first seeing Ranma in his real form was classic. The roof didn't blow off from her screaming; she just simply walked away, and then screamed outside. Plus, the relationship between Ranma and his father is already funny. Just seeing them randomly fight against each other for the littlest reason just puts a smile on my face.

    Though what I really enjoyed about this episode is the atmosphere. There's just this set atmosphere that makes the older animes that I've watched, specifically Maison Ikkoku and Slam Dunk, that immediately makes them enjoyable. One of the problems I have with newer animes is that they have this inconsistent feeling to them, like spurts of great moments during the course of its episode, and then long moments of sucky filler. The first episode of Ranma 1/2 didn't suffer from this flaw, and it's really giving me hopes for the future of this anime.moreless
  • The Tendo family is awaiting the arrival of an old family friend and his son, who one of them is to marry! Too bad he turned out to be a girl.moreless

    I really enjoyed it! I will admit that I enjoy the books a lot more. It seems like one of those things that you need to picture in your head. The voices I thought could use some improvement. They were'nt fitting their character very well. They seemed a little...off.

    The rest of it though was really fun to watch! It's funny and has a little dose of action in it! Not to mention romance, which I find to be a very cute plot. Who couldn't love the story of two people who hated each other, fall in love? It's so absolutely perfect!moreless
  • The first episode of the Ranma 1/2 anime series, where we find out about a character named Ranma Saotome who has an arranged marriage to Akane Tendo.

    Ranma 1/2 - 01 - 01 - Here\'s Ranma

    This is the first episode of Ranma 1/2, and a very good way to start the series. If you like funny anime shows, Ranma 1/2 is definately what you should watch. They start us off with some action; Ranma Saotome, walking in the rain, is attacked by a panda and they have a martial arts fight. The panda takes Ranma over to the Tendo Dojo, which is where the Tendo family lives. Ranma must choose one of Soun Tendo\'s three daughters to be his fiance. The only problem is that Ranma is a girl! The episode is funny all the way through, and basically tells you you\'ll be laughing all the way through the series. If you\'ve ever seen InuYasha and enjoyed it, you\'ll definately love Ranma 1/2.moreless
  • Once you, start, you will get hooked

    It's a good idea to start from the beginning from any show, so this should be the first episode you should take a look at, once you get the idea of the show, you will realize just how good it is, It is written to near perfection, from start to finish, Watching I could tell that Akane was going to discover Rama was a boy in a very awkaward moment, and there ya go, instant classic love/hate relationship, when it comes to those types of relationships, this show sets the bar. If you have been watching this series and havent seen this episode. Well then you already know what to expect, but trust me, Watch this episode and the show will grow on you.moreless
Minami Takayama

Minami Takayama

Nabiki Tendo

Willow Johnson

Willow Johnson

Kasumi Tendo (english dub)

Robert O. Smith

Robert O. Smith

Genma Saotome (english dub)

Megumi Hayashibara

Megumi Hayashibara

Ranma Saotome (Girl-Type)

Kappei Yamaguchi

Kappei Yamaguchi

Ranma Saotome (Boy-Type)

Kikuko Inoue

Kikuko Inoue

Kasumi Tendo

Ian James Corlett

Ian James Corlett

Jusenkyo Guide (english dub)

Recurring Role

Kouichi Yamadera

Kouichi Yamadera

Jusenkyo Guide

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Cologne can be seen in the opening credits in this season. However, she doesn't appear until season 2.

    • In the original manga, when Ranma regains consciousness, Kasumi tells her that Akane is "a sweet girl- she's just a violent maniac". In the English dub of the anime, she refers to Akane as being "a sweet girl- she's just a little high spirited". Ironic, considering that many consider Akane to actually be more violent and impulsive in the anime than in the manga.

    • This episode reveals why Ranma could transform into a girl and why his father could transform into a panda.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Genma: Were you not prepared to lay down your life for the sake of the art?
      Ranma: My life, yes. My manhood is another story.

    • Kasumi: Don't think too badly of Akane. She's really a very sweet girl. She's just a little... high-spirited.
      Nabiki: Oh good, Kasumi. Like that explains everything.

    • (Genma throws Ranma into the koi pond)
      Genma: I am so ashamed. I cannot bear to see my son like this. Ranma Saotome, you break your father's heart!
      (Ranma jumps out and kicks Genma in the pond)
      Girl Ranma: Who are you to talk? My old man's a panda!

    • Nabiki: This is all your fault, daddy. Don't you know the difference between a boy and a girl?
      Soun: I assumed my friend Genma's son was a boy...
      Nabiki: (grabs female Ranma's chest) Excuse me, does this look like a boy to you? Huh, daddy?
      Girl Ranma: Please, I wish you'd stop that.

    • Kasumi: Father, how old is this "Ranma?"
      Nabiki: Is he cute?
      Kasumi: Younger men are so... young.
      Nabiki: Well, what kind of guy is he?
      Soun: (laughs) I don't know.
      Nabiki: ...You don't know?
      Soun: I've never met him.
      (Kasumi and Nabiki stare at Soun wide-eyed)
      Akane: (thinks in her head) Oh please, I don't believe this!

    • Nabiki: There you go again, Akane. This is exactly the type of thing that makes the boys think you're so weird.
      Akane: So why should I care, Nabiki? Not everybody thinks the whole world revolves around... BOYS!

    • Nabiki: But you where both girls at the time right, so that makes it okay then, doesn't it?
      Akane: Okay... Okay is not the word.
      [In the next room]
      Genma: So she's got spunk so that makes a fianceé even more cute.
      Ranma: Cute is not the word. She's definitely not cute.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The Japanese title of this episode is "Chuugoku kara kita aitsu! Chotto hen!!"

    • Viz marketed this season as "Digital Dojo" in English.

    • "Jajauma ni Sasenaide" A.K.A. "Don't Make Me Wild Like You," performed by Etsuko Nishio, is the opening theme for season 1.

      "Platonic Tsuranuite" A.K.A. "Let's Keep It Friends," performed by Kaori Sakagami, is the closing theme for first 13 episodes of season 1.