Ranma ½

Season 1 Episode 4

Ranma and... Ranma? If It's Not One Thing, It's Another (3)

Aired Unknown May 06, 1989 on Fuji Television
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Ranma and... Ranma? If It's Not One Thing, It's Another (3)
Kuno continues to try to win the affections of the "pigtailed goddess" which starts to make Ranma very uncomfortable. Business minded Nabiki sees this as an opportunity to earn money at Ranma's expense.

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  • Nightmares of guys liking you, the worse thing possible.

    Thanks to recent events that have just ocurred, Ranma is getting nightmares of Kuno trying to get up at him. He does his daily fighting with his panda father before leaving to school with Akane. After a little exchange of insults, the two battle the daily servings of men who are trying to defeat Akane in order to date her, and even do a dual kick on Kuno's face when he arrives. Nabiki, nursing Kuno's wounds from the battle, takes advantage of Kuno's double love of both Ranma's girl side, and Akane. She takes a couple of snap shots of the two, and meets up with Kuno elsewhere. Kuno, being a man, was immediately absorbed into the photos, and bought each photo for a 1000 yen each. Later, Kuno calls up the guy Ranma, who's curious of his relation with his girl half. After some misfortunate events, and Kuno losing, a quarrel is soon erected between Akane and Ranma once again.

    You know, I can never get sick of Mr. Saotome and Ranma always getting in simple quarrels for the littlest reason. I mean, Ranma throwing cold water at him so early in the morning for the smallest reasons, is just so fun to watch no matter how old it gets. Plus, I love how the quarrels between Akane and Ranma are executed. Ranma isn't getting blasted into the sky, isn't being whipped around like a pathetic man, and while he does fight back, at least it's comprehendable. I'm tired of pointless quarrels in newer animes, where they just get to the point that they're incredibly stupid. I really should start watching more classic animes, though if only I could somehow get my hands on Galaxy Express 999.

    Regarding the episode itself, who wouldn't get nightmares if they knew a guy was in love with them? Kuno getting unconscious and conscious in that nurse room was kind of weird, but amusing. Nabiki really showed what type of girl she really is with her seduction methods to get pocket money. That was kind of funny how she took advantage of Ranma while he was sleeping, poured cold water over him, then pouring hot water, and then waking up, thinking he pissed the bed. And it's also amusing how Kuno has yet to grasp a lead to why Ranma and his girl self always are appearing out of no where.moreless
Minami Takayama

Minami Takayama

Nabiki Tendo

Angela Costain

Angela Costain

Nabiki Tendo (Seasons 1 - 5, Movies, OAVs)(english dub)

Myriam Sirois

Myriam Sirois

Akane Tendo (english dub)

Hirotaka Suzuoki

Hirotaka Suzuoki

Tatewaki Kuno

Brigitta Dau

Brigitta Dau

Ranma Saotome (Girl-Type)(english dub)

Venus Terzo

Venus Terzo

Ranma Saotome (Girl-Type)(english dub)

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    • Ranma: Kuno, how stupid can you be?!
      Kuno: Silence wretch. I can see all too well what your evil has done!
      (Kuno begins talking to his doll and acting out the following events)
      Kuno: Hello there, pigtailed girl.
      Kuno as the doll: Eek!
      Kuno: Hey! Just be quiet and do as you're told!
      Kuno as the doll: Yes, master.
      Kuno: Here I come.
      (Kuno pretends to rape the doll)
      Kuno as the doll: Oh, please, mother!
      Kuno: It's so terrible!
      Ranma: Leave me out of your sick fantasies, pal!

    • (To Akane)
      Ranma: And there's something that I think you outta know, those polka-dotted panties don't really suit you.

    • Ranma: Do you get it now? My secret?
      Kuno: I had no idea. Imagine Ranma Saotome, a practitioner of black magic.

    • (Kuno hands Ranma the doll)
      Ranma: What is this? A riddle?
      Kuno: No, it's a cute dolly.
      Ranma: I know that you jerk! What's it for?

    • (replying to Nabiki's remark of two-timing)
      Kuno: What? So that's what they call it.

    • (Replying to Nabiki's question about his love for Akane.)
      Kuno: You call it deceit that I would date with them both? Thus do quick bright things come to confusion.
      Nabiki: Not at all, Kuno baby. That's what I would call two-timing wouldn't you?

    • Nabiki: Is dating girls the only thing you ever think about?
      Kuno: Regrettably I have no intention of dating you.
      Nabiki: From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

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