Ranma ½

Season 1 Episode 2

School is No Place for Horsing Around (1)

Aired Unknown Apr 22, 1989 on Fuji Television
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School is No Place for Horsing Around (1)
Ranma attends his first day of school at Furinkan High. Soon after his arrival, he encounters many of Akane's would-be suitors.

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  • Akane and Ranma go to school together for the first time.

    Genma and Ranma are sparring, even before breakfast. On seeing that they have become panda and girl again, Kasumi puts out a plate of bamboo for the panda's breakfast.

    Genma tells Ranma that he has to go to school. He leaves with Akane, getting changed into a girl on the way. They stop at Dr. Tofu's clinic. Ranma realizes that Dr. Tofu is a martial arts master. She also realizes that Akane has a crush on Dr. Tofu.

    Every day on her way into school, Akane has to fight her way past dozens of boys. Kuno shows up and shows us all how impressed he is with himself. On learning that Ranma is staying under the same roof as Akane, he challenges Ranma to a duel. It starts to rain during the fight. Genma (in panda form) runs by and carries the (now female) Ranma into school. He is carrying a kettle of hot water to turn Ranma back into a guy.

    Ranma thought he had an easy victory, but Akane points out a bruise on his neck.

    A teacher introduces Ranma to the class. Then, because, he and Akane were both late to class, they are made to stand in the hall, each holding a bucket of water. Akane explains Kuno's statement that any man who wanted to date her must first defeat her in combat.

    Nabiki tells Kuno about the engagement. Kuno's reaction is enough to get him sent into the hall as well. Kuno throws a bucketful of water at Ranma and says that he will not allow his engagement to Akane. This is loud enough for the rest of the students to hear.

    Ranma says the hall is no place for a fight, then leads him jumping out of the third-floor window. On the way down, Ranma realized that he is about to land in the school's swimming pool.moreless
  • Such exceptional fights for an old anime.

    It seems like Mr. Saotome and Ranma are at it again with their training. Though if he keeps this up, he's going to be late for school! Him and Akane are being foced to walk together to the building, and when they get there, they encounter some trouble. Akane battles a large group of men, ranging from martial artists to basketball players, tennis players to kendo fighters. It's unknown to Ranma why she's fighting all these people, but he ends up getting caught in the action when Kuno, a kendo fighter, challenges him after mistaking--well, not necessarily--as Akane's boyfriend! The two fight, but then it starts raining. Mr. Saotome, in his panda form, grabs Ranma, along with boiled water, into the equipment room. Akane and Ranma were punished for being late, but were interrupted by Kuno, who openly reveals the engagement between the two. He challenges Ranma again, and they jump out of the windows as a shortcut, but below is the school's pool!

    Another interesting and entertaining episode. For an old anime such as Ranma, it's churning out exceptional fights. Nothing on the caliber of Naruto or Air Master, objectively, when you check out the time this anime was made, you can't help but appreciate it. The fight between Ranma and his father early on in the episode already indicated that there would be more great and entertaining fights, but when Akane exploded among the large group of perverted men, I was blown away. Fast paced action; not too fast like Dragonball Z, but also not too slow like Inuyasha. I've always been instantly hooked to any sort of fast paced martial arts action, and Ranma 1/2 has already won me over. It almost looks as if the creators behind this anime, take real life martial artists, make them fight a bunch of people, and then the animators would copy what they were doing. They really are that good.

    As for the other parts of the episode, I really like how Akane and Ranma's relationship isn't bitter to the core. They have the dignity to at least respond and answer each other's questions, rather than getting cocky and insulting the other, which would start a useless quarrel, utilizing extremely exaggerated fascial expressions. Some moments of that were displayed in this episode, like when Ranma commented on Akane how she was very popular without applying any sort of insulting. Kuno has already established himself as Akane's lover boy chaser, which is kind of common in anime, but his actions imply a more unique character. He's a lot more vocal than others, though it's kind of hard deciphering what his true thoughts are when he says "Whoever can defeat Akane, can date her". It just makes him a weird character.moreless
  • Now that Ranma's settled at the Tendo Dojo, he'll be attending school at Furinkan High with Akane. In this episode we meet Tatewaki Kuno.

    Ranma 1/2 - 01 - 02 - School is No Place for Horsing Around

    This episode is a classic. Well, it's the second episode, so of course it is. Ranma Saotome attends Furinkan High with Akane Tendo. Little does Ranma know, Akane is very popular among the young men there. Because of a speech an individual made, they all believe that they must defeat Akane to go out on a date with her. Akane pretty much beats up all the males in the school, which is routine for her. It's funny watching all that and seeing all those guys beaten up. Then comes my favourite part; Tatewaki Kuno introduces himself! Kuno challenges Ranma, but first has his hilarious introduction defining himself as the captain of the Kendo club, often referred to as the "Blue Thunder", along with some other funny stuff, and finishes with saying "Tatewaki Kuno, age 17." This is overall a really funny episode.moreless
Minami Takayama

Minami Takayama

Nabiki Tendo

Yuuji Mitsuya

Yuuji Mitsuya

Dr. Tofu Ono

Angela Costain

Angela Costain

Nabiki Tendo (Seasons 1 - 5, Movies, OAVs)(english dub)

Myriam Sirois

Myriam Sirois

Akane Tendo (english dub)

Ian James Corlett

Ian James Corlett

Dr. Tofu Ono (english dub)

Hirotaka Suzuoki

Hirotaka Suzuoki

Tatewaki Kuno

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Kuno is in the classroom, he is wearing a regular school uniform. However, when he goes to the hall, he is wearing his regular kendo uniform.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Kasumi: (After Genma turns into panda) Oh my! I guess Mr. Saotome will need something different for breakfast takes out a big plate with bambu.

    • Tatewaki: Doesn't he know that my name is written like this?
      (writes 'capable' on the board)
      Nabiki: Isn't it written like this?
      (writes 'incapable' on the board)
      Tatewaki:You realize that I hate you.
      Nabiki: Oh I'm so scared.

    • Kuno: Oh, though she be but little she is fierce. I am the undefeated captain of this school's Kendo club. The rising new star of the high school fencing world. The sound of my voice strike fear into the heart of my enemy. My peers call me the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High. Tatewaki Kuno, age 17.

    • Ranma: Ah! Water! Why does it always have to be water?!

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