Rap City: Tha Basement

BET (ended 2008)


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Rap City: Tha Basement

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BET's Rap City is the network's signature music program that embraces authentic hip-hop culture in every shape, form and fashion. Find out who's who in hip-hop and watch the phattest videos with your host, Mad Linx. Not only does the show provide us with an expert host, the newest music videos, a mix of the illest DJ's from across the nation and the most sought after rappers--Rap City also makes you feel nostalgic of the earlier days of hip-hop culture. Like no other show or basement in the world, Rap City incorporates many exclusive features such as the distinctive urban décor of The Bassment and the infamous booth where artists are challenged to represent their freestyling skills. The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, 50 Cent and G-Unit, DMX, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, and Diddy are just a few of the top artists who have graced the booth in the past. Also, every Thursday, prepare to get a dose of old school hip-hop as Rap City presents "Throwback Thursdays," where the entire show features your favorite rap videos from back in the day! Rap City is definitely history in the making. So whether you're working hard or hardly working, coming home from school or just hanging out at the barbershop, Rap City is hip-hop's number one hangout spot. Besides, you haven't really been into hip-hop until you've been tuned into Rap City.moreless
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  • I only watched it when rap was at least somewhat still considered rap. But now i dont care much about it.

    Man, right after 7th grade, this would be the show to watch. Well, that and Dragon Ball Z, but yeah this was the show to watch. I would get off that bus, open my house door, and sit my rump down on couch, and watch me some Rap City The Basement. Of course i watched it more when the era of rap wasnt as squalid and hedonistic. This was what to watch. Back then on BET there you would see more music vidoes on, and there werent as many reality show on it. Now i really dont watch BET at all. Tiger was the man though.moreless
  • bring back big tigger

    this show was the best when big tigger was there... liek when rappers come in and go to the booth, big tigger was there freestylin wit em... now this new kat there, he dont rap with them, just let them do they thing, i like it better when tigger was there.
  • its iight

    Rap city is iight but they need to start showing new videos instead of the same old videos everyday and they need to change the host of tha show to somebody thats betta than whats his name jus like 106 and park they need to change tigga for somebody betta
  • If you like to listen to rap and stuff, watch Rap City: The Bassment!!!

    Very good music video show. Rap City plays the latest and greatest rap videos. They always have a different artist come on the show, usually showing off their new CD. If you like to listen to rap and stuff, watch Rap City: The Bassment!!! Good show, good videos, watch it!