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Some 50 years ago there were two powers in the world. The power of light, Rave, and the power of dark, Dark Bring. In a final showdown against Dark Bring, Shiba used Rave to destroy the dark stone once and for all. After breaking it, a terrible explosion occurred -- this was called Overdrive. Overdrive completely wiped out 1/10ths of the entire world. The explosion gave Dark Bring the chance to escape and Rave was split into five pieces and scattered across the globe. Fifty years later, when Shiba strolled into Garage Island -- he met Haru Glory. Not but five minutes later they're being attacked by a member of the Shadow Guard, the current gang that is using Dark Bring to find Rave and destroy it. While Shiba and Feber (the Shadow Guard lackey) fight, Shiba discovers that Rave will no longer respond to him. Instead, Rave has chosen a new master. And that would be Haru. The Characters Haru Glory: The hero of our story. His mom passed away when he was young and his father has gone missing after he went on a quest to find the RAVE Stones, so Haru spent his youth training so that he can look out for his sister, Cattleya. But, Fate has other plans for the sixteen-year-old. Haru is the new RAVE master, the only one capable of wielding RAVE and defeating Dark Bring. With his transforming sword, the Ten Powers, Haru leaves his home on Garage Island on an unforgettable quest to save the world. Plue: Is he a dog, a snowman, a fish, a bug? Actually, he's none of those - this little guy is the Rave Bearer, the only one capable of finding the missing RAVE Stones. His pointy nose is quite hard and sharp, so sometimes his companions throw him at enemies like a living dart. He's quite fond of sweets - especially lollipops. Elie: A girl with no memories. She first meets Haru at the dog races where she was betting on Plue (she's got the luck of the gods on her side). She ends up joining them after Haru saves her. She fights with Tonfa Blasters to explosive effect. A fashionable amnesiac, she only wears Love Believer and Heart Kreus brand clothing. (She may be a cute, gambling-obsessed, amnesiac tomboy, but she's not like Faye Valentine 'cuz Elie likes dogs!) Even though Elie won't admit it, she has feelings for Haru. Griff:He is the blue guy who can turn into an umbrella and can also turn into a map by looking at the area first. He also has a crush on Elie. Musica:Musica is the leader of a group of thieves named Silver-Rhythm. He can manipulate silver into any form he wants it to be. He is Haru's good and strongest friend. Musica is the grandson of Galein Musica (the blacksmith). His whole family was killed by the Shadow Guard number 17- Lance the Beast Sword, except his grandfather Galein Musica, but Galein won't admit that he is his grandfather. After his family's death, a man named Lize raised and trained Hamrio. Musica now helps Haru and his friends embark on a new journey in search of all the Raves and in the hopes of defeating the Shadow Guard once and for all! Gale Glory:Gale Glory is Haru's father who helps Haru defeat King. Gale Glory thinks Elie is Haru's girlfriend and Haru won't admit he likes Elie. However, he dies trying to save Haru from the collapsing Tower of Din. Sieg Hart:Originally joined the Demon Guard to fufill his own goals, but he had no intention of helping them with their goals. He is a guardian of time, and it is his duty to kill anything that is will threaten it. He trys to kill Elie because he believes she is a threat to the timestream, but he is stopped by Haru. Now, he is a great and powerful allie for Haru. Let:He was orginally working for the Demon Guard as one of the Palace Guardians in the Tower of Din, but he was defeated by Haru. After Haru taught Let that there is more to life than victory or defeat, Let joined Haru on his quest. Let eventually becomes good friends with Haru and the others, and he is willing to risk his life to protect them. Ruby:A wealthy penguin type sentiniod that was being used by Doryu for money. However, Haru and his friends saved him, and he joined Haru's party. Sieg Hart later reveals that Ruby has the ability to do magic, and Ruby later is able to perform magic later in the series. Villains King: Leader of the Shadow Guard. Oracion Six: The Top 6 in the Shadow Guard besides King, the Oracion Six are Shuda, Reina, Jegan, Berial, Iulius, and Haja The Blond Demon, Dark Bring Master: Raised to be Pure Evil the Blond Demon wields Sinclare the Strongest of Shadow Stones and is King's Son! Doryu: A demon from the mystical realm. He possesses great power. The English Opening Theme "Raveolution" by Reel Big Fish Welcome to the tale of a land conquered by evil People in despair and living frightened to their bones Haru and the gang set out to find the answer But together we must find a way To beat the Shadow Stones He who holds the sword must next become the master Seeking out the stones with a carrot nosed dog! Three heroes and one start a mission filled with danger Three, Two, One! Time for Rave-o-lution! Quest for Glory Accepting our fate with the power that we own It is a hero's story For it's the greatest that the world has ever known! The English Ending Theme "The Power of Destiny" Some people sit around all day long While some fools never look back Every pirate's got his treasure map Just like every chain's got it's trap Time moving for you so ride on waiting for rayave You can rave about it you can rave about it You jump up on the joy don't complain about it You can scream and shout it smile big about it You call up the cops to see who's to blame about it You can rave about it you can rave about it You jump up on the joy don't complain about it You can scream and shout it smile big about it You call up the cops to see who's to blame about it The power The power of destiny The 10 forms of the Deck Force Sword 1. Eisenmeteor (the Metal Sword)- This is the default form of the sword. It's heavy and can't be handled easily without training or experience. Its strength lies in its simplicity: it's nothing more than a simple dual-edged sword. Not enchanted or affected in any way, it has a particular use against spellcasters such as Sieg Hart, who aren't used to purely physical attacks. 2. Explosion- This is the first alternate form Haru reveals. Though it has no edge, Haru can use this sword to summon an explosive force that is released upon the sword's impact. The trouble is that the explosion creates a recoil on Haru that can sap his strength if used excessively. 3. Silfarion (the Sonic Sword)- It enables Haru to move and attack at very high speed. Its specialty is the high-speed attack, a series of sword strokes executed faster than the blink of an eye. Its main weakness is that it is very light, so individual strokes are not very powerful. In fact, both sword and wielder become very light in this form; a strong force can end up literally blowing you away. 4. Rune-Save (the Sealing Sword)- It's a purely defensive sword, meaning Haru cannot hurt people with it, but this is compensated by its sealing powers. When Haru slashes an elemental or energy attack with Rune-Save, he can seal it and make it disappear. It also seems to have some ability to contain the power of Etherion, which Haru uses to seal Elie's power. 5. Blue Crimson (the Twin Dragon Sword)- This is actually two swords, named such because one is Blue (an ice-elemental) and one is Crimson (a fire-elemental), that is revealed when the sword is broken in two again. It allows for a variety of techniques, but to really gain the full abilities of Blue Crimson, you need to be able to handle both swords at once, and since Haru's right-handed, it's not an easy feat. 6. Mel Force (the Vacuum Sword)- This is another defensive sword. It can't really hurt enemies, but a stroke from the sword can create a powerful vacuum that can push enemies back, preventing them from advancing. 7. Gravity Core (the Gravity Sword)- As the name implies, this sword carries with it a powerful force of gravity. This makes the sword extremely cumbersome to wield (it's heavier than even Eisenmeteor), but a stroke from the Gravity Core can send this same intense gravity at enemies or obstacles. 8. Million Suns (the Light Sword)- This sacred sword glows with blinding light. It isn't specifically made to defeat dark type being, but it is more than powerful enough to defeat them with one hit. 9. Sacrifier (the Sacrifice Sword)- The power of Sacrifier is two-edged. At the one end, you gain an incredible skill and power. At the other end, you pay for it with your sanity, becoming emotionless, remorseless, and potentially very dangerous for anyone, friend or foe, that is in your sights. The sword would eventually kill the user. 10. ??? The sword's ultimate form is unnamed and for the most part unknown. It is believed to have been sealed because its power, like that of Etherion, can cause potential disaster. Story Arcs King Story Arc: Manga Volumes 1-9 and Anime Episodes 1-39 1. New Rave Master: Manga Volumes 1-2 and Anime Episodes 1-2 2. Punk Street: Manga Volumes 2-3 and Anime Episodes 3-8 3. Thunder Man: Manga Volumes 3-4 and Anime Episodes 9-12 4. Rave of Wisdom: Manga Volumes 4-5 5. Guardian of Time: Manga Volumes 5-6 6. Destination Luca: Manga Volume 7 7. Tower of Din: Manga Volumes 7-9 Six Month Gap: Manga Volume 10 and Anime Episodes 39-40 1. Shiba's Story: Episode 39 2. Plue's Story: Episode 40 Doryu Story Arc: Manga Volumes 10-17 and Anime Episodes 41-??? 1. Journey to Symphonia: Manga Volume 10-11 2. Mysteries of Symphonia: Manga Volume 11-12 3. Setting a path: Manga Volume 12 4. Ultimate Decisions and Destinies: Manga Volumes 13-17 Project DR: Manga Volumes 18-??? 1. Beginning of a Warmoreless

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