Rave Master

Season 2 Episode 1

Bandits Behind

Aired Unknown Jan 22, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Bandits Behind
The Rave master crew head to Lyric Contenent to find the Rave of Combat they take a train. But Big Butt Bandits mess up their trip and bring a bomb inside the train! Can the gang stop them from doing that?

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  • Filler again, but pretty funny.

    During their train ride towards Luca continent, the three members of the big bad Katsupuri gang plan on blowing it up and escaping with all the money that it carries. However, Haru and Plue decide to take a breath of fresh air on top of the train, which was where the Big Butt gang took refuge. Plue sits on the button of the detenation bomb, and the gang come up with plans on how to disable or stall Plue a little longer so they can escape. They say they're playing hide and seek with Haru, and that he has to count to 100. So they only have a minute and a half to achieve their plans. Unfortunately they encounter Musica, who gets all pissed off and beats them up. Unfortunately again they meet a naked Elie who goes berserk with her tonfa guns. With only 10 seconds left until Plue gets off the button, they decide to abort plans and jump off the train completely. However, Plue pissed all over the button, malfunctioning it. Quite unfortunate for the Katsupuri gang.

    You kind of feel that this episode is immature in a way, but it was still filled with some laughter. The Big Butt gang wagging their butts got annoying somewhere near the end, but somehow it was still pretty funny. Though in the end, it's just a filler episode, and we all know about filler in anime for those who watch Naruto.moreless
  • Big butt banits first appearnce

    The Rave master crew head to Lyric Contenent to find the Rave of Combat they take a train. But Big Butt Bandits mess up their trip and bring a bomb inside the train! Haru and Plue are with Big Butt Bandits. while they are plant the bomb.Can the gang stop them from doing that?

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    • (Big Butt Bandits kick in the door and knock Musica down)
      Boss: This isnt the captains room!
      Musica: Ouch!
      Boss: Huh!?!
      Musica: (Gots up and cracks his knuckles) I said "OUCH"! Don't you get it?

    • Griff: I'm teaching Tanchimo how to talk.
      Haru: How in the world are you gonna do that?!
      Griff: Listen to this. He's learning fast.
      (Tanchimo makes a strange noise)
      Elie: WOW! Thats great!!
      Haru: You understood that!?
      Elie: Nope, not a word!
      Haru: Didn't think so!

  • NOTES (10)

    • We find out the names of the Ketsupuri Gang (their Japanese name) in the original version butin the American version, we don't for the Big Butt Bandits.

    • The episode was mostly based on Manga Volume 7 Chapter 49, but there were several scenes in this episode that weren't in the Manga.

    • This is the first episode of season two.

    • In the Rave Master manga, Plue is given root beer (not alcohol) and he pees on the bomb. (Haru: Oh man, Plue! Couldn't you hold it?)

    • In the Japanese version, this episode starts with a different intro theme: "Higher & Higher".
      It showed Haru battling with King which doesn't actually happen in the anime & it showed the 5 Palace Guardians.

    • In the Japanese version, the Big Butt Bandits plan to threaten the driver of the train with a bomb to steal the valuable things in the train.

    • First appearance of the Big Butt Bandits.

    • The Big Butt Bandit's plan is to plant a bomb on top of one of the boxcars of the train Haru and his friends are riding on.

    • Deleted Scene: The moment when the Big Butt Bandits broke down the door of Elie's room, Elie (forgive me) had no shirt or bra on.

    • Obvious edit: The bomb, when shown detonating in a fantasy sequence, blows cars right off the track. It is certain that it was a regular bomb in japan, and edited to be a silly stink bomb for the U.S. audience.