Rave Master

Season 2 Episode 26

Further Mysteries, Part 2

Aired Unknown Jul 31, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • This review is sort of a sneak-peek at the next season (when ever it finally airs and if they stick to the manga). This season was good but the next one will be great. Oh and Haru-loves-Elie fans read this to find out some stuff that happens to them next!

    In the next season Haru will get even stronger as they continue their quest for the next rave stone. And for all of u that liked how Haru got jealous over the Elie-Lucia kissing thing, u'll love this, now its Elie's turn. Trouble comes into the picture in the form of a blue-haired mermaid Celia who falls in L-O-V-E with Haru. Doryu will return and cause major trouble for the group as well. Shuda will also return, Seig will return and we'll finally get to learn a little about his past and where he's from and he's really gonna lay it on Haja. We'll also get to meet some of Sieg's friends Niebel and Hilde(who has a major crush on Sieg). Musica will be making a big decision that will affect the rest of his life as well as many others (and it’ll be a real "where’s-the tissue-box" thing so be sure to keep one handy guys). Also there will be a really BIG thing happening to Riena that involves Musica's life changing desision(*hint* *hint*). And we get to see that Let really does have a sence of humor (who’d a thunk it). He also gets to stick it to Jegan for what happened with Julia. For all u Haru loves Elie fans, their relationship will continue to grow in even deeper ways than before and u’ll really see it when they get separated by Doryu. A little more on the Glory-Ravegroove-Symphonia history should be revealed this season. Finally more forms of the Decaforce sword will be revealed (at least 3 new ones) and one of them wont be very nice (Lucia better watch out for it because it gives Haru enough power to defeat him but with a big price to pay). And to think most of this will start to unravel within the first 5 or 6 episodes. This season will be jam-packed, we can count on that.
  • :'( I'm so sad it's ending. Oh well, I'll just read the manga.

    The skeleton is supposedly the guardian of the forest whom is guarding Resha's burial site. Elie goes ahead to the grave on her own, and find Resha's resting place. There, some of her memories rush to her head, like when she was a child and how she was able to tame Etherion perfectly, or when she visited many places with a person named Kam. While it wasn't enough, she did bring back a good report for everyone else. Elie was able to control Etherion, and that she knew Haru's father before with this Kam character. The location shifts to Demon Card's new headquarters, where Haja and the other Demon Card members greet their new king, Lucia Leagrove as their heir of Demon Card. Haja summons Decalongus; the sword that King wielded. Back on Symphonia, the gang and Sieghart depart. Haru pulls out the ten commandments, and vows with Sieghart that one day, magic and sword will become one to defeat Lucia. And the crew finally depart with Mashima Hiro, the manga author to Groove Adventure Rave, singing them a song.

    I really am quite sad that this ended for two reasons; it's a giant ass cliffhanger, and well, I started loving it! At first I thought it was below mediocre, but now I think it's excellent, but I'll save all of that to my general review for the show. It was great to see Elie finally getting a taste of her memories back, although I frikkin already know the secret behind her mystery, since curiousty had to bite my ass when I was in the Rave Master forums here in TV.com, and just felt like spoiling myself in the topic titled "THE BIGGEST SPOILER EVER! The connection of Elie and Resha Valentine". Of course, I won't blame the original topic author for that, since it does clearly state it's the biggest spoiler ever. Oh well, screw me and my curiousity.

    This was a pretty good closure to an excellent anime. While it did end abruptly, it handled it much better than I thought. I actually didn't have a lot of faith in Studio Deen to pull this off, but boy was I wrong. How could I forgot they were the same ones who did Fruits Basket? Well, it's up to the manga authors to decide whether the anime version will be good or not. It was also a nice treat for them to insert Mashima Hiro within the ending credits to add a little more feeling.
  • More of Elie past is reavled

    After finding the mysterious land, Sieg Hart tells Elie to go into the forest. After Elie travels some ways, she walks up to Resha Valetine's tomb. Then, parts of Elie's past is revealed. She learned she wasn't cloned, and she had etherion ever since she was a little girl. She also learns she use to have a family. She also remembers a strange man named Kaim. Unfortunately, Elie is still not sure how to control etherion. Perhaps finding the other two Rave Stones will help. Before Elie, Haru, and the others leave, Sieg Hart and Haru make a vow to work together to defeat Lucia together. Now, Haru and Sieg Hart go their separate ways, and the next chapter of their adventure begins.
  • This is the season finale, and you learn some information about Elie's past.

    We finally get to learn something about Elie's past from the time before she lost her memory. We learn that she was never artifically created for a science experiment, and she had a real childhood as well as loving parents. Although, it does open up some new questions as well. Elie learned that she always had the power of Etherion, but she still doesn't remember how to control it. Also who is this man named Kaim. What significance will he have in the future, and who is he really? Will they all be revealed after Haru finds the other two Rave Stones or will they be killed before that can happen? Now a new adventure has begun for Haru and his friends. Since there was no next time on Rave Master don't worry, Rave Master was put on hiatus after this point in Japan, and there are supposedly more episodes being made. Here is to the future.
  • It just keeps getting juceyer and juiceyer. Before we know it they'll be at the memory of the stars!

    Further mysteries (part 2 of 2) The gang(Haru,Elie,Musica, etc.) goes into a mysterious forest. Seigh Hart tells Elie to go farther into the forest. Once Elie gets far into it she discovers Reisha's grave. There she recieves some of her memory back.
    She sees her self... and some strange man too.
  • One step closer to the Memory of the Stars!

    I found this episode very interesting because we got to learn more of the mysteries surrounding Elie's past. I liked watching the flashbacks of when she was a little girl with her parents celebrating her fifth birthday. And I was surprised to find out that she had the Etherion powers even when she was that young (probably since birth). And there was also something about this mysterious guy named "Cam" that Elie seems to think that she traveled with in her past. I wonder what his connection is in all of this.....The necklace around her neck and the necklace around the skelton's neck in the forest obviously have some important connection because they both bore the same date, name, etc. on the back...hmmmm....interesting...anyway...
    ...Back at the new Shadow Guard Headquarters, the 5 remaining members of the Oracion Six are looking for a 6th member (Sieghart has obviously left the group). And for some reason I sort of knew (or at least made an educated guess) who might end up joining their "gang." And when I saw the Shadow Master sitting in that chair with all the bodies of men that he had tossed around him, I suddenly felt that I wish I could help Haru myself (I mean, if I could be in that place) because he is definitely going to need it!!!
    And finally, back on Symphonia, Heavy comes around with their ship and they set off to find the last of the Rave Stones and unite their power. (But did you hear what Sieghart was thinking at the very end of the episode: he said that when Resha Valentine created the Rave Stones she gave up her life...but will Elie have to do the same to unite them???) Personally, I think Elie is too strong to let that happen and Haru would never let it happen either....but I guess we'll have to stay tuned!!!

    (((By the way, on one final note, since there wasn't any phrase "next time on Rave Master" to tell us what the next episode is going to be about, does that mean they aren't going to do any new episodes for awhile???)))