Rave Master

Season 2 Episode 26

Further Mysteries, Part 2

Aired Unknown Jul 31, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • :'( I'm so sad it's ending. Oh well, I'll just read the manga.

    The skeleton is supposedly the guardian of the forest whom is guarding Resha's burial site. Elie goes ahead to the grave on her own, and find Resha's resting place. There, some of her memories rush to her head, like when she was a child and how she was able to tame Etherion perfectly, or when she visited many places with a person named Kam. While it wasn't enough, she did bring back a good report for everyone else. Elie was able to control Etherion, and that she knew Haru's father before with this Kam character. The location shifts to Demon Card's new headquarters, where Haja and the other Demon Card members greet their new king, Lucia Leagrove as their heir of Demon Card. Haja summons Decalongus; the sword that King wielded. Back on Symphonia, the gang and Sieghart depart. Haru pulls out the ten commandments, and vows with Sieghart that one day, magic and sword will become one to defeat Lucia. And the crew finally depart with Mashima Hiro, the manga author to Groove Adventure Rave, singing them a song.

    I really am quite sad that this ended for two reasons; it's a giant ass cliffhanger, and well, I started loving it! At first I thought it was below mediocre, but now I think it's excellent, but I'll save all of that to my general review for the show. It was great to see Elie finally getting a taste of her memories back, although I frikkin already know the secret behind her mystery, since curiousty had to bite my ass when I was in the Rave Master forums here in TV.com, and just felt like spoiling myself in the topic titled "THE BIGGEST SPOILER EVER! The connection of Elie and Resha Valentine". Of course, I won't blame the original topic author for that, since it does clearly state it's the biggest spoiler ever. Oh well, screw me and my curiousity.

    This was a pretty good closure to an excellent anime. While it did end abruptly, it handled it much better than I thought. I actually didn't have a lot of faith in Studio Deen to pull this off, but boy was I wrong. How could I forgot they were the same ones who did Fruits Basket? Well, it's up to the manga authors to decide whether the anime version will be good or not. It was also a nice treat for them to insert Mashima Hiro within the ending credits to add a little more feeling.