Rave Master

Season 2 Episode 26

Further Mysteries, Part 2

Aired Unknown Jul 31, 2005 on Cartoon Network



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    • Manga vs. Anime

      The ending of this episode is altered differently than it ended in the Manga because in the anime, Haru and Elie hug each other, but they don't in the manga.

      It is possible this was meant to be done as a send off for the fans of the pairing.

    • Major Spoiler

      At a much later point in the manga, it is revealed that the skeleton belongs to Sieg Hart.

    • Even though Lucia is picked as the new leader, he does not officially become the new leader until a few chapters later in the Manga series.

    • Sieg Hart reveals Musica can't learn magic, but Ruby is capable of learning.

    • It is revealed that a skeleton of a powerful soceecer used a strong magic barrier, prevented everyone, except the choosen few, from entering a hidden land Symphonia. The magic barrier also protect this area from the Overdrive fifty years ago, so it raises a question of who this skeleton belonged to, and how did he know to create the barrier when it was needed.

    • Elie learns she has had her power ever since childhood, and she was never cloned from a labatory.

    • Doryu is mentioned by Berial in this episode. This episode is solid proof that Doryu is a powerful foe because Berial stated that he could be a problem if they don't do something soon.

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  • Notes

    • The Original Japanese Title was "Vow to the Future."

    • This episode ends with a major cliff hanger because numerous stories aren't resolved at this point. However, the Manga goes beyond this point, and it does complete the story.

    • The anime series only covers about a third of Manga series.

    • Just Gale and King were born on the same day September 9th (9th month, 9th day) Haru and Lucia are both born on July 7th (7th month, 7th day). Its the "Curse of Time" all over again.

    • This will be Sieg Hart's last appearance for the long term. He chose not to go with Haru and his friends, so he could continue with his duties of being a time guardian.

    • They didn't show the next episode of Rave Master because at this point Rave Master went on hiatus in Japan.

    • Possibly the series finale.

    • It is revealed the Demon Card (Shadow Guard) are constructing a new fortress.

    • The manga reveals that Haru and Lucia were born on the same day July 7, 0051, and they are both 16 years old.

    • From this point, the Rave Master Manga has reached up to Volume 12. Comparing to the length of both the series and the book.

    • The Demon Card (Shadow Guard) is on the verge of being revived, and Lucia is going to be the new King of the Demon Card (Shadow Guard) and the Raregroove Kingdom.

    • This is the season finale the second season of Rave Master. There are rumors on several internet sites that Japan may continue the Rave Master anime series.

    • People capable of using magic on the Rave Crew. Haru (the power of the rave stones and the ten power sword), Elie (power of etherion), Sieg Hart (elemental powers), and Ruby (some of his magic is revealed in Manga Volume 16).

    • Elie centric episode.

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