Rave Master

Season 2 Episode 6

In the Tower of Din, Part 2

Aired Unknown Feb 26, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Well at least the battle isn't so one sided now, meaning less chances for bs victories.

    The lizard guy known as Let demands a one on one battle with Haru. Though his comrades are getting impatient and want a piece of Haru. They battle among each other who gets dibs on killing Haru, but Elie, Musica and the two other knights arrive just on time. The match ups are now equal, but their leader decides that he wants to change the scenery a bit. Everyone is separated to the location they most desire in their heart. Elie and Rima were sent to the same place, Haru in Garage Island, and the others the same. Haru meets up again with Let, while all the others are battling against each other. Musica then exploits Rima's scheme to better protect the Rave of Conflict in that the enemy will have a false sense of security through their plan. Meanwhile, the battle between the two Gales continue.

    This was an all right episode, but what I didn't like was how the guys showed up just so perfectly. Too much coincidence situations. Yeah there is the factor in Elie knowing the blueprint to Jin tower, but it was just played out way too perfectly. However, the battle between the Gales was pretty good. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next scenes featuring them. The battle between Let and Haru looks pretty good, though hopefully it's nothing like that pathetic fight earlier in the series with Lance and Haru.
  • Haru VS Let

    Haru vs. Let in Garage Island!
    Remi, Griff, Plue, and Elie vs. Rionette in a Rabarrier Palace/ Island/ Wasteland combination!
    Solasido and Musica vs. Ron Glace in an Aqua Palace/ Blues City amalgam! Haru and his freinds must defeat all 5 place guariuain and get to the top and help Haru's father