Rave Master

Season 2 Episode 23

Return of the Oracion Six, Part 3

Aired Unknown Jul 10, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Return of the Oracion Six, Part 3
Jegan uses his Yggdrassil shadow stone to defeat Let and now the battle between Musica and Reina begins . Reina talks about her past and how she join the shadow Guard
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  • "Angst for everyone" is what I'm thinking at this point. But hey, it just makes things even more interesting!

    The fight moves on to Reina and Musica. After a bit of chattering, Reina forcefully asks Musica to tell her where Silver Ray is. She then explains how her past was ruined by Musica's master, Rize. Reina and her father were very poor people that did plays on the streets using the Silver skill. Though one day, the King broke in their house and blamed the absence of Silver Ray on its creator. After two days of torture, Reina's father died. She then honed her silver skills in order to get revenge, and was given a good opportunity thanks to King. Musica, having pity for the women, allows her to beat him up. After getting tired of being punched, the two continue fighting, but Reina sees the usefullness from Musica is already all sucked up, so she decides to kill him. Now, only Haru is left, but his Blue Crimson is rendered useless against his opponent. Now, Elie is all alone as all her friends are defeated.

    Like the past couple episodes--in fact, all the episodes except for like one or two after the Jin Tower arc--this viewing is just as impressive. I can't believe I had thoughts of quitting on Rave Master, but I'm glad that I stayed dedicated for a few more episodes. Having angsty characters don't necessarily make the characters deep, but it helps set up for deep characters. In this case, it does a good job of progressing character development for Reina, who I thought before this episode, was a slut in a red dress with bizarre green natural hair colour. It's not only Reina that made this episode splendid as it is; how it delivers a touching pass, and still develop the story is what makes this great. Plus, while Musica and Let are my favourite characters in the anime, seeing them finally being defeated (with the exception of Let) is a nice change of pace from the usual "win because we're the main characters" type of thing. Haru's really the only one who hasn't been completely defeated, and I hope he joins his other two comrades too, because I'm actually kind of tired of seeing Haru win. Plus, I want to know why in the hell Demon Card's most powerful member, King, was beaten by Haru, but one of his subordinates in that demon guy, is proving to be an extremely formidable foe that seems to be nearly impossible to overcome?moreless
  • Sad episode

    This episode Reina talks about her past and how she join the shadow Guard poor Reina she was just a little girl it is so sad I hope she can turn to the good side man the bad guys are wining I can't wait to see the next episode it will be good.
  • Not much excitement at first, but it picked up towards the end!!!

    Well, with this episode, I was a little worried for the first five minutes because the conversation between Reina and Musica was actually a little boring...(it really did have quite a few flashbacks of Reina's and Musica's past)...until they started to talk about Reina as a little girl and all the pieces started to come together. We got to see the "rough-and-tough" Reina cry and we got to see Musica continue to be the noble man that he is...But by the last few minutes of this episode, Haru was crying out Elie's name because the Oracion Six were about to destroy her. (I was starting to perk up at this point as you might imagine!!!) Anyway, the stage is set for the next episode (which by the way is looking to be pretty good, filled with Haru/Elie stuff, etc.): Let and Musica are presumed destroyed (although I refuse to believe that) and Haru is attempting to get to Elie before it's too late. What will happen? Who knows...But I think we will see another expression from Haru like the one we saw in the episode entitled "The Shadow Master." Hopefully we will be able to rant and rave (get it, "rave," ha, ha!) about the next episode!!!moreless

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