Rave Master

Season 2 Episode 24

Return of the Oracion Six, Part 4

Aired Unknown Jul 17, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Return of the Oracion Six, Part 4
With Musica was defeated by Reina and Haru unconcious, an unlikely person sacrifices himself to save her. However, it will lead to devestating consequences that could wipe out both Elie's friends and foes.
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  • Wow, I bet The Hulk would even be scared after seeing Haru being in his berserker mode.

    All the Demon Card members that were fighting with the main protagonist group are all defeated. The only task left is to kill Elie and rid Etherion from the face of the earth. Lulius plays around with Elie as she tries to assault him with her Tonfu's, and kicked him in the balls to get a clear shot at his face. Though it got him really pissed, causing him to torture her slowly before killing her. When he was about to deliver the final blow, Griffu jumps in and sacrifices himself to save Elie. This infuriates Elie, and causes a portion of Etherion to cause carnage to the surrounding area. Though it wasn't enough to kill any of the Demon Card members.

    Lulius was gonna finish what he started, but Haru comes and punches him. Reina, Jegan, and the blue demon guy that can manipulate earth battle Haru, but using the Ten Commandment's various forms, he defeats them all. Though their Mage looking leader knocks him out with one hand. As Lulius is on the verge of delivering the final blow to end The Rave Master's and Elie's life, Sieghart intervenes and saves them.

    I'm amazed at how action packed and emotionally moving this episode was. I never expected Griffu to die in this manner. It really was sad, and it almost made me cry. Just the fact that Griffu finds himself unworthy of a friend, and goes out of his way to sacrifice his life was really touching. It's also one of the least expected sacrifices I've ever seen. I've seen many least expected deaths, but this was a sacrifice that didn't make itself too obvious thanks to Griffu's personality. I mean, it literally came out of nowhere, yet it was so powerful.

    Then the action made it even more exciting. Elie unleashing Etherion complimented Griffu's efforts even more, and when that failed, Haru unleashing his entire fury made it satisfying. Though it makes me wonder how he was unable to scratch the earth demon with both fire and ice, but was able to commit damage with only the fire side of Blue Crimson? Oh well, with the episode this high up, there really wasn't much to make me disappointed in it. Then the moment I've been waiting for; Sieghart first releases one of my favourite characters Let out of his damning, then he attacks the entire Demon Card group.moreless
  • This episode is the best good thing I have it on tape so I can watch it again and again

    In this epsiode Haru used a lot of attacks on the Oracion Six and when Elie attack one of the Oracion Six face it was funny and he got so mad also Seig Hart apeared to save Haru and Elie from the Oracion Six man he is getting stronger and this epiosde is very good.

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