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    excelente anime,para mi el mejor aunque el manga sta mejor,mi personaje favorito,sieghart
  • To me, Rave Master is highly overlooked.

    I remember watching the series on Toonami as a child and I thought it was awesome; no like DBZ awesome, but more like no comparison to DBZ awesome. It features lovable characters, very funny moments and action scenes that just slay. I never did understand why Plu was a carrot nosed "dog," but he's one of my favorite characters in the series nonetheless. I think this series show be checked out by anyone who's interested in great characters, slaying action scenes and funny moments. I also recommend this series to anyone that grew up with Toonami and want to take a nostalgia trip to the world of the Rave.
  • So Rave Master basically tells the tale of young Haru Glory and his search to find the four Rave stones and save the world from the evil organization Demon Card.

    So lets start off by saying that this is a highly unappreciated series. The reason behind this is because like most other series, the anime adaptation sucked! The anime ended early due to a lack of ratings, as a result the show ended without covering a majority of the original story. However, the parts they did show were great. If you are like me and you hated how the anime left off then you should pick up the manga adaptation. It tells the entire story as it was intened to be told by the creator. In conclusion, Rave Master is an excellent series that was cut down in its prime because the idiot masses decided that it wasn't good enough. If you enjoy adventure, great characters, and excellent story than pick up the manga and enjoy.
  • Its one of the reason it doesnt make anime look stupid

    This was one of my favorite shows, i would never miss an episode. But now its gone and i cant find any episodes.. and i miss this show. If only stupid cartoon network didnt cancel it.. but anyway it was a good show.. action and all that stuff but i havent seen it in so many years i forgot about most of it.

    Now its on scfi. freakin scfi who watches scfi anymore? i watch that channel when nothing good is on adult swim. I mean, give them tom from toonami why dont ya? get em the whole crew man. crap
  • Absolutely amazing!

    This has been on the Sci-Fi channel for, like what, four weeks? Five? Anyway, it has already become one of my absolute favorites. What channel was this on before? I think I remember seeing it once on Cartoon Network... Anyway, Rave Master follows the story of a young man named Haru Glory. He has a dog named Plue. They're from Garage Island. Haru's questis to find all of the Rave Stones and defeat the Shadow Guard, like it clearly says in the theme song. I love the theme, it's so snappy! :P Unfortunately, all I know of it is: Welcome to a land of a world conquered by evil... Some other words, and then... With a carrot nosed dog!... And then at the end it's like... 3, 2, 1, Rave-a-lution! Oh yeah, Haru and Plue make friends along the way. There's Elie, who later becomes Haru's lady :), and Musica and Musica's grandpa. I love Musica, he's my favorite! XD
  • the best show in history and history to be made

    the creators of the show should bring this show back because it is the best show i have ever seeen and i need to see the rest and i also whant to know wh7y it was discontinued i just want it back i was just watching it and it made me wanna be just like the chartacters in the show especially the main character haru
  • Its good while it lasts. Though the ending could have been better and maybe some fresh new attitudes and you have an award winning series

    I've read the Manga and it goes fine. Nice Story and lovable characters. though I wish Haru was a little different. His idiotic attitude and his strange justice isnt something new. I've seen lots of dudes like that so it isnt exactly fresh.

    The story is nice. a war 50 years ago (Why does everyone love 5? its like 50,500 etc sup with that?) Big boom and two kinds of stones seperate.

    Haru can be lovable as well as the rest of the gang and heck even the villans at the time.

    But. The ending sucks. The manga always finishes I know but they could have done better!

    Overall this is worth a try but you'll move on faster then you think.
  • Man do i miss this show!

    This was one of my favorite shows, i would never miss an episode. But now its gone and i cant find any episodes.. and i miss this show. If only stupid cartoon network didnt cancel it.. but anyway it was a good show.. action and all that stuff but i havent seen it in so many years i forgot about most of it.

    But theres good news! i found a website that has yu yu hakusho in english, but rave master in sub. Well its better then nothing!
  • Wow was and still is a fantastic action adventure packed with some romance chucked in show..Exactly keep it going

    Now I thought it was great teh story line, teh action, teh mysteries and the overal plot.
    The way Elie's memories are linked intot he plot and the further I watched the more exciting it became.Also the unexpected charatcer rolsl and personality make you think.
    Im glad to say that its not just some typical 26 episode series but a long thrilling adventure taht doesn't rush trough.
    The beginning is all a sort of well blur but as time reviels itself we learn the truth.
    As far ive seen up to the 51 episode its left at a BIG "to be continued" scene...I hope it continues, maybe it will be continued in Japan but not into Jetix or translated but I watched teh original Japanese version with subtittles, so IT MIGHT contibnue in japan and an available continuation of the s eries with english subtittles could become available..I hope
    --Go Rave, don't let us down,keep on going --
  • 8.3
    I kinda forgot about this show and I don't remember it weel, but I do remember watching it every weekend in my room after kicking my sister out. I liked it and I always thought it was funny and I found some of the guys hot, which is not gross or weird in any way.
    It's one of those shows that are easy to forget but when you remember you wanna kill yourself for forgetting. Yeah...good memories. This is a manga, right? I like collecting mangas.
  • Its a fun show.

    This was a good show. I mean it was fun while it lasted. The plot was complex, the characters had ancestors and hidden pasts that confused you. It was all well and good though, Haru found who he was looking for. Elie has no memories, but she gets clues along the way while with Haru. Plue is a carrot nosed dog. Plue has to be my favorite character. They make friends along the way, find info on the Dark Bring, they take it down at the risk of their lives, Haru gets upgrades to his sword, and everyone lives on happyily. Sort of. Weird. The ending song was catchy.
  • Stopped watching after a while

    It seemed like Ellie was dead, so stopped watching. It was very traumatic for me to watch, but I'd more or less liked it up until then. I tuned in later on and it was disgusting, so I definitely wasn't gonna watch it again. I really liked Ellie. The idea was good, but it turned out to be nothing but crazy.
  • Oh man...I don\'t know about this review....

    First off, look at my user name. I am a big fan of the MANGA. Not the ANIME. Why? The characters in the anime episodes were drawn like characters in an anime version of Barnie. Basically, they were basic drawings. I mean, I don't know how to draw any better, but forget it anyway. The series ended abruptly, or so it has....but it went slow anyway. It was bad enough. The story was of course, normal. But the character's lines became so....corny? Yeah, that's right, corny. Downright corny. So it left me hanging and I'm really mad.^__^ although....they did draw Resha Valentine in a sexy way...hehehehe....
  • At first, I thought it would just be another one of those "boring kiddy shows." Boy,was I wrong...

    I first got into this show from playing the gamecube videogame at a friends house. I really took a liking to it,and decided to try out the anime. I fell in love immediately (not only with Haru). The storyline of this show is amazing, and the show includes action, adventure, comedy, mystery, some scary and heart-pounding scenes, some very sad scenes,and even a little bit of romance. As the show goes on, it just keeps getting better and better, and you'll find yourself going crazy to watch the next episode. Some people may consider it to be a show for little kids because of the lack of /gore and perhaps some of the content you first see. I have to admit that in some cases the sensorship of is pretty pathetic, like at times when characters are stabbed, sliced, or blown up. But that is a small price to pay. By the end of the series, I couldn't believe it was over. The Pain!!!! Unfortunately, the anime doesnt cover the whole storyline. So we're basically left with a cliffhanger. That still doesn;t change the fact that this is an awesome anime. Apart from all that, the characters are also something that makes this a great anime. They all have their own unique personality and skills, which makes it a lot of fun to watch everyone react with one another. I highly recommend this show to anyone who's looking for a good anime to watch. You'll probably find yourself obsessing over it in no time at all. Now I just have to buy it and all of the manga...

    By the way, this was based on the japanese version (Groove Adventure Rave/RAVE), I havent seen the dub, but ive heard the english voices from the videogame>they suck! (My apologies to those who are fans of dubbed anime)
  • rave mater is just amazing there are so many complexities more than naruto will ever have

    Rave master is the best animation i have ever seen i have six of the manga volumes of rave master.
    The characters are have more complexity than naruto will ever have.
    Just the factor of having a so called dog with a sharp carrot like nose and the ten powers sword. The episode with master shuda and haru battling in mid air on a platform with shuda using his dark bring to make explosions where ever haru was, and then later on when shuda saws his own arm off so he wouldnt be defeated by another glory, seeing as gale harus father defeated him.
    Is gale glory ever found? please tell me any way the last form of the ten powers was runesave in what epsiodes do you see any of the others please give me a list of the episodes. When does shuda turn good and will we ever see kuma again.
  • its great i want it 2 come back (at least i got an extra ep than america ^^ lol)

    Some 50 years ago there were two powers in the world. The power of light, Rave, and the power of dark, Dark Bring. In a final showdown against Dark Bring, Shiba used Rave to destroy the dark stone once and for all. After breaking it, a terrible explosion occurred -- this was called Overdrive. Overdrive completely wiped out 1/10ths of the entire world. The explosion gave Dark Bring the chance to escape and Rave was split into five pieces and scattered across the globe. Fifty years later, when Shiba strolled into Garage Island -- he met Haru Glory. Not but five minutes later they're being attacked by a member of the Shadow Guard, the current gang that is using Dark Bring to find Rave and destroy it. While Shiba and Feber (the Shadow Guard lackey) fight, Shiba discovers that Rave will no longer respond to him. Instead, Rave has chosen a new master. And that would be Haru.
  • bring back rave master i love it and i read all the books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    please bring back rave master i loved that show when it was first out on cartoon network!!!!!!!!rave master is just as good as naruto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please i beg of you put it back on!!!!!!!!! some people dont even know if rave master exsites!!!! it was a awsome show.rave master is about as good as naruto i think.
  • A summary? Like for the show? Ummm...it's about Haru Glory living on this Island called Garage Island and he finds out the he's The Rave Master by this person named Shiba.

    they should really bring Rave Master. All I have left is Rave Master Graphic Novels and soon possibly a DVD of Rave Master but I still miss that show. And I agree with most people Miguzi sucks but it does have one maybe two good shows among it. Teen Titans and YugiohGX! Rave Master was one of the greatest shows and it deserves to be seen!
  • Can you pleaze put back rave master on cartoon network plz i miss it?

    I would really like to see my fav. show so much even my family wants too see rave master again even if it is old. i would like to keep it this small sorry for making it small.I even read the books im up to vol. 15 and up now. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
  • Whoa.

    Whoa. The Shows About A Kid Named Haru Glory. He Has To Find The Rave Stones, And Also, Has To Find Em' All! And A Carrot Nosed Dog! Ellie, Haru , and Puu. Be Renewed For A Third Season! Damn Anime! Why'd You Have To Catch Up To The Manga?! Well, I Hope The Manga Ends Soon, So That Toei Can Animate The Episodes!
  • Bring it back! This show is a great anime

    The show is a great anime with a boy called Haru Glory who is the Rave Master and he has to search for rave stones and then he meets Elie and Musica,Elie lost her memory so they are searching for that and Haru is searching for the Rave stones. Musica is in the leader of the Silver Rhythem band.
  • My favourite show.And with comedy,great action and an intresting plot,it should be everyone else's too.

    My persoanlly favorite show may have been cancelled in the U.K, but it has an active life in my mind, as it produced on of the best dubs in the world of anime. It did this by keeping elements such as gambling and violent factors[such as how Sieghart attempted to asasinnate Elie by pouring electricity down her throat] and used witty and sophisticated jokes. The fighting scenes are well done and exhilirating and the characters were unique and intresting.Some intresting-intresting nad some just bizzare-intresting. The sub-plots were often complex, but in a nice way, as they kept viewers[such as my self coming back for more]. This show is a wonderful testemant to anime, and ultimately, Japan's greatest gift to the western world.
  • i use to like the show

    i use to like this show but now i think it is a complete waste of time.The only thing i like is plue because it is so cute.Stop arguing what it is,it is a snowman.I think it is a snowman because of its carrot nose and white colored shape of body.Even if i have all the episodes,i threw it all in the bin.My box is really horrible ang squashed.If you have seen naruto it really rocks.If you have seen bleach it really rox two.If you hve seen yakitate japan it rocks good such as naruto and bleach.Better seeone of them
  • Why cancel a good show for crap shows like One piece? I just don\'t Get it!

    This was one of the hottest shows (third, only to Teen titans and Justice League Unlimited) on the toonami roster. Now they show Bulls***, crappy, idiotic shows like One Piece, IGPX, and Duel Masters. Please bring this show back!!!! I\'m so F***** sick of Cartoon network ruining our channel just to please their D*** pockets! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • It's been a while since i last saw rave master and its really one of my favourites.

    This show was really one of my favourite anime's but its gone. I live in the uk and i used to watch it all the time but now its gone. It makes me sad that a great show like rave master isn't on anymore as it's great. The reasons why i like Rave master is because of its wonderful story line. Haru goes in search of the rave just like his father did and gains friends on the way with many enemies and its not always straight forward with elle not having her memories. This show is just great and i really hope they bring it back.
  • I would have never expected that Rave Master would become one of my favourite shounens of all time.

    I'm a guy that will usually be hooked to any type of shounen as long as I had enough time to enjoy it. You can tell as I've thoroughly enjoyed Monster Rancher and Ultimate Muscle, which when I look back, were only average, yet I followed daily. I guess I'm just a shounen type of person. For the love of my shounen tastes, I decided to pick up this rather unknown anime, Groove Adventure Rave, but of course it has been renamed to Rave Master here in America. When I got past the first couple episodes, I was rather disappointed in what I had gotten myself into. But when I got past those couple episodes, I couldn't believe I had thoughts of giving up on it.

    Fifty years ago, there was a battle between two countries. One side had Shiba on it who was given Rave, and the other country used Darkbring; an evil energy source that gives its users supernatural powers. Shiba destroyed Darkbring, ending the war. In current times, Haru is looking for his half breed of a dog and bug, Plue. Though he encounters Elie in a casino. Deciding on a whim to join him in his journey to find Rave, she...joins him on a whim. Haru was given the Ten Commandments; the sword that Shiba used to slash Darkbring. With Demon Card roaming around with their Darkbring, Haru is determined to put an end to their evil ways, collecting the Raves that are scattered around the world to destroy Darkbring once again.

    The story sounds rather unoriginal and cliched. It is rather cliched even deep into the plot of the anime, but it is definitely not unoriginal. It just keeps on getting more and more amazing as the story progresses. It starts off like a snowball rolling down a hill; it gets bigger and bigger as time passes. That's exactly how Rave Master went. It remained mediocre for the first season, but come the second season, it got better and better, until it reached its destination. So much story elements are just being fed to you on a rather daily basis, that you just can't stop watching it!

    What makes me love a shounen more than its awesome plotline are its engrossing characters. There's nothing I love more than good characters. I learned to dislike the characters in the beginning. Haru and Elie just annoyed me. Though soon after, I learned to un-dislike them. Well there was still a part of me that didn't like them, but I still liked them more than before. Musica is your usual serving of a lazy and badass member of the crew, but he was a necessary ingredient to the cast to make the crew interesting. Let, who was acquired later, is your daily humble and quiet warrior with a code of honour. Though what made the group so lively was the presence of Plue; probably the cutest thing in anime. How he cites his name to communicate like a Pokemon is just one of the cutest things I've ever heard.

    While the villains were great, there was a little bit too much spice added to their models. Some of them looked rather exaggerated, while others looked way too far fetched. However, their personalities are really well developed with great pasts to justify their cause. I'm actually getting a bit tired of the entire "Pure evil" act coming from the antagonists of any show, so it's a refreshing change to see some innocence put into their character.

    As for the animation and sound departments, they delivered. Well, the sound delivered more. Like said before, some of the models of the characters were rather exaggerated, but they still nonetheless looked fantastic. I can't say the same for the quality though, though I really don't let quality get in my way of my judgement. The music is really excellent that has a wide range of tunes to fit each moment nicely. Plus, I love all the opening and ending themes. The first opening and ending were on the more serious side, while the second and last opening and ending were more on the fun side. Though that's exactly what Rave Master is; a serious, yet extremely fun anime. Plus, I can't stop listening to Hot Air Balloon, the second ending.

    Some say that my flaw to reviewing is that I'm rather biased, and would normally ignore the bad parts of an anime or game, and let only the good times override my opinion. To please those haters out there (just kidding), I'd rate the first season as a 7/10, and the second 9.5/10. If you combine the two, you'd roughly get a number around 8.4 or 8.5. The second season is some of the best shounen material I've ever seen, while it's nearly the opposite for its second season, but I have yet to watch a ton of shounens. The anime did end rather abruptly, leaving the viewer to read the manga that eventually ends it. However, I never did find myself disappointed with how it ended. It'd odd, as Angel Sanctuary was rather excellent but ended abrupty, yet I found that to be mediocre. But I learn to trust my conscience and gut feeling, and they tell me this is a frikkin sweet ass anime. I was disappointed it ended, but not in the case that it's incomplete. Rave Master really starts off slow, but it turns full gears in the second season. I suggest that if you can garner up enough patience, check out Rave Master.
  • Ready for the raveolution?

    Ready for the raveolution? Rave Master is another perfect anime with rich storytelling and storyline. It's filled with epic battles and a whole lot of stuff that you'll want more.
    Fifty years ago, the first rave master failed to destroy the evil of the shadow stones, making the four rave stones scatter across the globe. later a boy named Haru, a sixteen year old has become choosen as the second rave master. Now on a quest to find the four rave stones, Haru and his friends must fight agenst the powers of the shadow guard.
    The epic battles are action packed, For Haru to fight back, He has the deck force sword that can change into ten forms. Some have advantages and weaknesses, but he can rely on his friends to aid him in battle.
    It's never dull, the characters and the character designs are very well done, I like the beautiful backrounds, and the battles are epic and action packed.
    At last another anime that you won't want to stop watching and it's an absolute must watch.
  • I love this show like i do a toothpick. I use it once then throw it away.

    Again, this is another boring show on air. One Piece, Naruto, & Zatch Bell are way better than this. The dude is trying to find rave stones. WTF is up with that? I would rather play video games than watch this. Why are we being tortured with bad shows? Seriously. This has to stop. Please don\\\\\\\'t air anymore crappy shows on Toonami CN.
  • Heh I really enjoyed this show while it lasted It had a little humor and an interesting story line^^

    The show is about a boy named Haru who became the new Rave Master because his father went missing.He goes on a journey to look for 'shadow stones' that usually get into the hands of a villian.He meats this girl named Elie who I wouldn't make too angry because she can get a bit of a temper at times.Elie knows nothing of her past and travels with Haru to solve the mystery of her past...

    I didn't watch quite enough of this while it was around which I sort of regret(I watched the first few episodes then missed probably 10 then got back into it when Elie was almost killed by that fellow...heh-I won't ruin it for anyone who buys the dvd-if they have one- or reads the manga)I recomend this to everyone...
  • a boys father is the rave master and he dissapeared over 50 years.now his son searches for dark magical stones with his friends.

    just lke the classification says a complete waste of time but there are good things about this.its about a boy named haru who searches for dark magical stones on the way accompanied by a carrot nose dog and his lady friend thats very gorgeous.shes hot, sexy, fine,. she has big juicy humongous enormous bulging heavy nautious overweight gigantic enormous lickible playable a nice huge big round wet ass giant sopping wet boobish tittish breast.shes so hot i wish she would stop whining shes like a cute juicy tit girl.and harus carrot nosed dog ploo hes very scary but very loyal.and their misc friend musika of the silver rythem gang.very cool and very loyal.
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