Rave Master

Cartoon Network (ended 2005)


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  • Its good while it lasts. Though the ending could have been better and maybe some fresh new attitudes and you have an award winning series

    I've read the Manga and it goes fine. Nice Story and lovable characters. though I wish Haru was a little different. His idiotic attitude and his strange justice isnt something new. I've seen lots of dudes like that so it isnt exactly fresh.

    The story is nice. a war 50 years ago (Why does everyone love 5? its like 50,500 etc sup with that?) Big boom and two kinds of stones seperate.

    Haru can be lovable as well as the rest of the gang and heck even the villans at the time.

    But. The ending sucks. The manga always finishes I know but they could have done better!

    Overall this is worth a try but you'll move on faster then you think.