Rave Master

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Unknown May 21, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • A fun episode. A good fun episode.

    Musica is finally out of the hospital, and Silver Rythym got a new airship. Let appears and tells Musica and Elie that Rave is connected with everyone; Elie's memories and the airship that Musica is looking for, Silver Ray. Haru comes and they all depart. Haru even invites Let to join them. They all take off, but the engine fails. Griffu and Plue then started eating all the pudding and lolipops within a nearby candy store. With no money in return, Haru and the gang are forced to become street performers in order to garner up money. Let showed off his martial arts skills, but no one was amazed. Musica displayed his silver skills, but "nothing new" yelled the crowd. Haru exposed his swordsmanship skill be exploding a rock, though the shattered rocks caused the crowd to disperse. Everyone fights among each other, until they hear awes and ohs from the crowd on Plue's cute figure. They finally got enough money to repair their debts, but then a nurse comes running to Musica with a medical bill.

    This was a filler episode, but it was a really fun and enjoyable one. Nothing really made me laugh in this showing, but it was extremely enjoyable. It's just those episodes that you never really get bored of because you just like the characters. For me, because Rave Master delivered such great performances in the past couple episodes, I've become quite attatched to the characters. Plus, what contributed to the greatness of this particular episode are Let being recruited to the crew, and Sieghart's appearence. Sieghart was found within the lab that he blew up years ago when he first met Elie, discovering that the lab was already abandoned and the Etherion project forgotten. Then the episode ends with him leaving off to Symphonia; the same location Haru and the others are headed off to. The crew also got a lot better with Let now within their numbers. I just love it when new characters are added to the group, especially when they were former antagonists.
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