Rave Master

Season 1 Episode 1

The Rave Master-Part 1

Aired Unknown Jun 05, 2004 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

This episode opens up with a flashback 50 years ago with a guy fighting a monster with a pink crystal-like front. The opening credits then show. Now we are back in the present, Haru enters the Casino Gorgeous Night (without paying the entrance fee just to look for Plue) he runs under the table bumping at Elie. Just as Elie was about to reach the poker chips he was baffled by the boy who was under her that accidentally peeped in her underwear and she got mad. She toppled the table over and shouted at them shooting guns at the people in the Casino. Haru made himself scarce and ran away. There, Elie chases after him. Then suddenly, she saw a white dog that she misinterpreted as an insect but the people said it was an alien. Running along the streets of Hip Hop Town, She came across a band of stupid DC members. Elie then gunned the DC who were singing a stupid song that goes like: "DC?DC?Were so bad! Even children will stop crying?DC?DC were so great and bad!!!?Then Elie continued running worrying about her escape in Hip Hop Town but she only have 3 Edel Left and the DC wont allow her out. Until she saw a Dogtrack where she can have money by betting Plue. But Plue did not run and endured the obstacles. Haru then saw this "cruel torture?and bumped into Elie again. This time Georco the owner was there and released the ultimate CO Heaven at Haru (the sun, Soleil and moon, Lune said that it's Carbon Monoxide Heaven). Haru then made it Explode. Georco's darkbring was then broken and he will have to spend a hard time with Master Shuda. Haru managed to escape with Elie in a cart that was drawn by 3 dogs. Haru then got to know Elie and explained what Plue is?