Rave Master

Season 1 Episode 1

The Rave Master-Part 1

Aired Unknown Jun 05, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • Average, but sweet deal!

    The show starts off with an introduction of the background story of things. The Darkbeing is an evil source that destroyed 1/10 of the world. And 50 years later, a kid named Haru, who has inherited Rave--minature sword that's the only thing capable of destroying Darkbeing--is looking around to defeat those who own a piece of Darkbeing. Though he ran into problems already, losing his dog Plue, and accidentally looking up Elie's panties. Eventually, they reach a dog race arena that Plue was forcefully participating in. Elie butts in because it was too dangerous, and the organization owning it god mad. But Haru showed up, showing off his superhuman strength to them. But another member showed up, who had the power to turn into smoke thanks to the Darkbeing. Haru shows off another feature of his; Rave!

    Some problems I have with the first couple episodes of animes is that they start off rather slow. The episode here moved pretty fast, and to a likeable pace. However, the only thing I didn't like about the episode is the fact that Elie decided to join Haru so easily, and Haru accepting her so easily when they just met. Especially considering he looked up her panties. Oh well, an enjoyable episode.