Rave Master

Season 1 Episode 1

The Rave Master-Part 1

Aired Unknown Jun 05, 2004 on Cartoon Network



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  • Quotes

    • Elie: Anger management at work! (After shooting everyone with her tonfa blasters and destroying the entire building)

    • (Elie holds Plue in her hands)
      Elie: Hey, is it okay if I keep this insect?
      (Haru freaks out)
      Haru: No! And he's not an insect! Okay?!

  • Notes

    • The original Japanese version of this episode is called "The One Who Inherits Rave."

    • The name of Haru's sword hasn't really changed from the Manga to the Anime series. In the Manga, they refer to it as the Ten Powers sword. In the Anime, they refer to it as the Decaforce Sword. Decaforce and Ten Powers actually means the same thing. Deca means ten, and force means power. Technically the sword's name hasn't changed at all.

    • Deleted Scene: In the original After Haru crawls under the table, he accidentally gets up and stares at Elies panties and opens her legs (To grab on to something so that he can get up). Elie is staring at the Roulette table and notices something wrong; she then looks down and sees haru down there! This was cut out of the dub. Instead, it shows the part where Elie looks down at Haru and she says "A thief" Haru then gets up and bangs his head on the table, thus causing Elie to lose her winning streak.

    • When haru is sitting on the roof (after Plue is taken to the dog racing track) he has a flash back of him fishing and catching plue on his rod then he shows Catelia it, in the original he has a flash back of Catelia sitting down infront of her mothers grave.

    • A scene where haru kicks a shadow guard in the teeth was shown but the part where his tooth comes out was cut

    • In the dub After Haru bangs his head on the table Elie zooms up to the roulet table and then grabs on to haru and says "Do you know what you have just done... I could have won the grand prize I could have won a life size version of a T-Rex!" In the original Elie says to haru "Wha.. What have you done.. You ruind my dream of hitting the jackpot I could have hit the big one big time!"

    • After the scene where Haru saves plue and elie and then he fights the shadow guard thugs on the Dog track, Georco watches them he then says "This kid wiped out the entire secrity fource ill handle him" In the original he doesent say that? Tokyopop re-used this part from the scene where Georco says "Sheba gave it to you that means.. that means" infact you can see the glowy fire (From Haru's explosion attack) around his face when he said that!

    • Tokyopop has changed Elie's Tonfa Blaster Gun's BGM so that it looks like she shoots lazers out of it, in the original Elie's Tonfa Blaster Gun's BGM has real bullet sounds comming out of it!

    • Plue's voice has been changed in the dub, in the original plue sounds like a baby moaning and in the dub plue sounds like a dog!

    • Tokyopop cut the scene where loads of people were praying in the dog racing track before the anouncer says "Dog lovers start your barking and their off"

    • This is also the first appearances of Mr. Moon & Mr. Sun.

    • In the Manga their is blood on Shiba's body but in the anime he just has dirt on him... Their is no blood in the Rave Master TV series however their is blood in the manga?(Reply: Tokyopop obviously edited the blood out because they didn't want it to seem to graphic)

    • Georco's Carbon Monoxide attack is called CO Heaven in the original

    • Tokyopop re-uses the scene where the shadow guard's are singing and then Haru and Elie knock them over in their cart, this scene was shown back where elie runs past them and plue stabs one of them in the back of their head (while chasing Elie) In the original they just get knocked over (No singing was done)

    • After the part where Shuda is talking in his air fortress (At the start) Tokyopop changed the next part to show episode clips from these episodes

      1. The alley where musica walks up from episode 26 (when he finds his girl friend) You even see musica walking up the alley with hands in his pocket!

      2. A short clip from Punk Street is shown from episode 3!

      3. Two punks paces are shown walking from episode 3!

      In the original these 3 clips were a roulet wheel spinning and the ball bouncing.

    • Even though Tokyopop edited out the Casino sign to say arcade, when Haru is walking up to it you can still see half of the casino sign for a split second

    • "Mr.Moon and Mr.Sun" teach us that if you breathe carbon monoxide you can die

    • If you look very carefully in the background of the stadium, you will see a billboard advertising Chevrolet(or Chevy to those who don't find the name recognizable). You may notice the symbol of the car product.

    • The carbon monoxide shadow guard member is named Georco.

    • -The sword that Haru uses is called the "Ten Commandments" or the "Ten Powers" sword in the japanese version.

    • -The anime begins in a different place than the Manga. In the manga, the story starts with Haru Glory fishing up Plue from the river, and finding out that he is the new Rave Master. In the Anime, the story starts from where Rave Master Manga Volume 2 begins.

    • Notice that in one scene Elie says that she was going to find another arcade. That was just to edit out her gambling ways in casinos because technically, it's illegal for teens to gamble in casinos(you have to be over 21 to play).

    • When Haru meets Georco on the Dog racing track and after Georco slices haru's arm, Haru sees the shadow stone and has a flash back of Haru punching a guy in the face and then Sheeba talks to him, in the Original Haru has a flash back of sheeba holding the Rave stone in his hand, Plue standing in a bucket and Catelia standing infront of her mothers grave.

    • Of the diffrences that you may notice in this episode from the Japanese version if you ever watched it:
      1- The Shadow Guard are known as as 'Demon Card' in the Japanese version.
      2- The crystals they use are called 'Dark Bring' in the Japanese version.

    • First appearance of Shuda

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