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Rave Master

Season 2 Episode 20

The Shadow Master

Aired Unknown Jun 19, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

The Shadow Master
The battle against the Rave Master and the Shadow Guard Master starts now. Just as everyone stumbles onto a map containing the location of both the remaining Rave and Shadow Stones, the Shadow Master makes his grand entrance...with surprising results.
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  • Kinda cliched, but still an exciting episode.

    Haru and the gang finally reach Symphonia, and find absolutely nothing but land. Though what's pushing them forward is Elie's headache. It seems like as the closer they get to Rave, the stronger her headache gets. Eventually, Plue finds the spot, which unveils a large map with Rave's locations. But moments later, the light turn to dark, which reveals the location of five other Darkbrings. Then, the blonde demon appears, along with Sigma 44's ship. The blonde demon then destroys it, saying he merely used the vessel in order to cross death storm. The blonde demon then reveals himself as The Darkbring Master; the complete opposite of the Rave Master. He tells Haru he owns Sinclair; the mother of all darkbrings. There are four others he's searching for that are the true darkbrings. By the episode's end, he passes Haru, goes up to Elie and kisses her.

    I somehow expected the main antagonist to turn out this way. The difference between the protagonist and antagonist is like white and black, day and night. Well it can't be assumed he's the main antagonist, but it seems like the information collected already seems rather evident he is one. The Darkbring Master; an owner of Sinclair. What's even more mysterious is his relationship with Elie. It seems like he knows who she is if he's confident enough to go up to her and kiss her, unless he's juat a flatout player or pimp. Though I'm a sucker for plot twists, and this episode really excited me. I just can't wait to see these two fight.moreless
  • A great episode with Lucia in it!

    This episode is A great episode with Lucia in it! Lucia actually kisses Elie! I didn't really expect that because I've read the manga already, and Lucia does the same thing. And kids watch this show now! But it was still a great Haru & Elie episode! If only other episodes could be like this one...
  • This epsiode Haru meets The Shadow Master and knows he is going to the meromry of the stars to gain its power

    Haru was jelous first time seeing him like that the Shadow Master was cool Elie first kiss with her new memory was suprising the Shadow Master attack is good and his sword is powerful I like to see him with more new attacks this epsiode is very good i wish it had some fighting in it.
  • This was one of the best episodes yet! I loved the Shadow Master-he's going to bring some interesting storylines in the episodes to come, along with new sides of other characters. The whole Elie/Haru/Shadow Master part completely enthralled me. Is it timoreless

    Haru and the gang travel to the land where it all began-Symphonia. Here, they find a map of the rave stones, but before they can leave to search, they run into a new player-Shadow Master. Who is this new guy, and what does he want with Haru and Elie?
  • In the begining of this episode you see Haru and Elie talking and then plue jumps up and makes both Haru and elie fall on each other.In this episode you can see that the relationship between Haru and elie is growing fast.moreless

    I really loved this episode it was very exciting The part I liked the most was when the shadow master gave Elie a kiss on the lip and the way Harus face was at the end of the episode i really didn't want the episode to end I wanted to keep on watching but the episode ended I wish Rave Master would come on every day, that would be cool. And what exaclty did the shadow master mean when he said I dearmed of this. and then walks up to elie and kisses her. i guess I will get my answer in the next episode.I can't wait that long.moreless

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