Rave Master

Season 2 Episode 2

Under Desert Sands, Part 1

Aired Unknown Jan 29, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Way too much has happened already.

    After reaching Luca continent, Haru and co. find themselves in an underground city sheltered from the Demon organization above. There, they meet 2 warriors who are protecting the person that are protecting them. Demons start seiging the underground city, and Haru and Musica, along with those other 2 guys, help fend off the assault. After discovering the identity of Haru, they bring them to the person who's putting up the barrier. Her name is Rima, and she appears to be the next Rave Guardian who owns the Rave Conflict. She requests that Haru and Musica join her in their battle against Gale and the demons, but Haru refuses as he wants to confirm Gale is the same person as his father. As the 1000 Demon army prepare to attack the underground city, Haru comes, calling out his father's name.

    Well, I haven't really been as bored with this episode as the ones before it, but what makes it so bad is the pacing. Already so much has happened, and they just got in the continent! First the Rave Conflict is nearly in their possession, and second, Haru is already on his way to meet his father. Well after what Rima has said, it won't be an easy task coughing up the Rave Conflict, but come on; their purpose of going to Luca was to find the Rave Conflict, and like 2 minutes after they already find it? And already Haru is charging mindlessly towards Jin tower, facing off against 1000 demons by himself. At least let Musica tag along with you. This feels more like the final episode of a long arc, and that's not good considering this is an opener to an arc.
  • Haru and the co stop at Rave b braer

    After Elie and Musica stop The Big But Banbits plan. The Rave crew began heading East to look for the rave of combat, but along the way they fell into a crack and ended up at a city beneath the surface that somehow still has a sky. They were accussed of being monsters until they realized Haru was the Rave Master, so they then asked for Haru's help to stop the monsters attacking their city. Haru was about to accept until he found out that the enemy was led by his father. Meanwhile Musica found out the leaders of the city were just pretending to know where the Rave stone was, and Haru began attacking the mosters trying to draw out his father.