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  • Great show prematurely cancelled

    This was a brilliant show and cancelled waaaaay too soon!

    I suspect some ninja connections to the CIA didn't appreciate the take on it and vetoed the show.
  • Tv.com error!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Someone has mixed Raven US tv series with UK Raven.

    Raven US !!!RULES!!!
  • Cool ninja series.

    It's kinda like magnum p.i. meets the karate kid. it has the feel of a hardy boys or a nancy drew murder mystery. it is set in hawaii and full of intense ninja action scenes. Jeffrey Meek and Lee Majors are a cool crime fighting duo. This show never bores, each week is a new story with a different set of characters that don't relate to the next. one thing that might look cheesy about this show is that jonathan raven seem to get a new girlfriend each week, yet he never gets serious enough with anyone of them. but to set that discomforting subplot aside, this show is a show that's completely watchable and never fails to entertain.
  • Willing suspension of disbelief ... Lee Majors and Jeff Meek ... I\\\'ll suspend.

    Missed this the first time around. An online friend sent me tapes (ancient and venerable tapes). I wish they would re-run this on a cable station I get. The characterization was excellent, the friendship between Raven and \\\"Ski\\\" was well done and well delineated. I truly wish it had not been replaced half way through the 1st real season with another show, also martial arts oriented, with a bigger name. I think there was room for both the edgier Raven and the big name in Texas. The continuity of background needed refining. Other than that, the exploration of the ex-ninja, ex-assassin (they never beat around the bush on that one), searching for a son he\\\'s never seen was well done. I really enjoyed the show, and the actors seemed to work very well together. There were holes in the idea that needed exploration and I wish the writers had hit some of those holes instead of always concentrating on \\\"rescue the damsel in distress of the week\\\". That\\\'s what fan fiction is for. While I don\\\'t expect Raven to resurface in any form ever again, it was indeed a show that had great promise and should have been given a better chance to show what it could do. The biggest miss on this was not enough exploration of Raven\\\'s \\\"ninja\\\" training, including briefly alluded to mystic abilities. On the whole, a good show that should have survived longer than it did.
  • Jonathan Raven (Jeffrey Meek) and Herman "Ski" Jablonski (Lee Majors) were an awesome combination in this series. Raven, the former Special Forces/Black Dragon ninja working with his eccentric P.I. pal "ski" while searching for Jonathan's son and avoiding

    This show was ahead of it's time in many ways. It created a team of friends, yet held onto the mystique set out in the begining with the Black Dragon theme.

    I had never seen Jeffrey Meek before this and I found that he played the part well, and I have wondered why he did not get another series after this one. Lee Majors was wonderful as "ski" the eccentric alcohol fan who gets into trouble or gets his pal Raven out of trouble on a regular basis. As a combo they worked well together.

    The search for his son kept him going and the people that they met on the way benfitted from the experience...and those of us watching on a weekly basis enjoyed the journey.

    If you like ninja/action series with a lot of sarcastic comedy/witt thrown in...you will enjoy this series.
  • all u haters out der stop hating ...why do u care f raven isnt one of dem skinny chicks so what its not da looks its da personality n f ur onli afta looks den ur jus low u noe its ravens body so leave it alone okzzzzzzzzzz

    Raven is one of the best shows i like n who ever disses it deals wit me jus jking....ive read these past few reviews n dey r all great but one thing ive noticed is that a few people judge raven just because of her weight and that is stupid dats wat i rekon u shudnt judge a person by the way dey look n f u do den ur jus sad ...looks dont matter its wats inside the person that really matters, so what if she isnt skinny like da other celebrities that doesnt matter raven is the way she is and thats the body god gave her she shud b happy coz its da only body shes got and she shud make da best of her life bcoz we all ave one life n we shud make da best of it no matter wat other pplz say, if raven wants to do something about her weight problem den dats her choice but we shudnt be saYing things about pplz dat wud hurt dem even tho u dnt noe dat it realli is hurting them plus who said u had to be skinny to look good on tv if u ask me i say dat bshit thats y those whu want 2 bcum famous are made to think that dey ave to b skinny 2 b famous I fink this is all caused by da media n gurls n boys are encouraged to do wat dey see n plus look wat being skinny does to some celebrities they are in such a hurry to lose weight so they either bcum anorexic or bulimic n hearing about this may cause teenagers to start doing it jus bcuz der role model or fav actor or actress etc is doing it weel dats all i wanted to say.... but raven is da way she is n hopefulli she wont be put down bcoz of her weight n i rekon she wud b an inspiration to those who want to bcom actors dat its not about the looks to bcome a actor but da ability to know how 2 b a good actor n to give a good performance to ur audience jus be urself n dnt let eny1 put u dnt jus coz dey dnt fink ur NOT up 2 it or bcoz of the way u look jus stay tru to urself n keepit real n i rekon dis is da message raven is tryna send out...well rae keep them shows rocking n ur da best n hopefulli ur fans will get to see u on da big screens in da cinemas....ur frend
  • Raven is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she one of my favorite actress

    Raven is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she one of my favorite actress she is every one favorite actress and singer the point is any one who hates on raven is a I dont k n o w l l l a a a m m m e e e but my name is amanda