Season 7 Episode 5

A Man Called Mushy

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 1964 on CBS

Episode Recap

This drive is over. Rowdy goes to pick up Mushy who has the two wagons and the remuda. Four men came out and said they bought the wagons and remuda from Favor. Smitty won't hold the train carrying the drovers back to Texas. Wish won't go without Mushy. Mushy and Rowdy cut across the valley and catch the train on the fly. Favor has sold the wagons and horses for $1200. Favor tells Rowdy to fire Mushy. Mushy overhears and jumps off the train in the middle of the desert. Rowdy pulls the emergency cord. He takes a horse and saddle and goes after Mushy. Favor follows. Mushy collapses as he meets a band of performing gypsies. They rob him, but take him with them. Mushy tells Teya, the mute that is sweet on him, he's a ramrod. Then admits he washes dishes. Vassily, the head gypsy, sells Mushy in a town for $60, to a livery owner. Rowdy and Favor come in to put up their horses, while a drugged Mushy sleeps within reach. Mushy is washing dishes in the back of a bar where Favor and Rowdy are asking about him. Teya comes and takes Mushy back to the gypsies. The bartender sees them leave. Wish catches up to Rowdy and Favor. Vassily says they'll sell Mushy in the next town and Teya will bring him back again. The bartender tells Favor Mushy went north. Teya tells Mushy the four men that stole the wagons and horses are coming. A gypsy pulls a knife on Mushy. Teya gets between them. Mushy knocks him down. Favor, Rowdy and Wish ride in and reclaim the wagons and horses. Vassily wants a reward for finding them. Mushy says a sad farewell to Teya. Favor says silver spurs and other things are missing. Vassily throws up his arms and says take it all.