Season 7 Episode 19

Blood Harvest

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

Jonas Williams runs his horses off. He rehearses his boy Duke. They wait for the herd to catch up. Favor says they can tag along to Murdoch. Tebbets complains about the food and roughs up Wish. Favor fires him. Duke is in the path of the running cattle. He is rescued. Favor fires Cable for letting the boy come out with the herd. Jonas' real name is Clete Bonner. Duke is Will his grandson. Cable is Adam Bonner the boy's father. Adam walked out when Emily was pregnant. Clete is here to see what kind of man Adam is before he turns Will over to him. Clete asks Favor to rehire Adam. Adam makes Will a kite. Shelby tells Adam you spend more and more time with the boy. Adam poses as Favor and tells Lt. Cass he'll sell the army 1500 head. Adam leaves Will with Shelby out in the desert. Adam tells Favor Will fell down an arroyo. Adam takes Favor to Will. Adam disarms Favor. Adam knocks Favor out and takes the ownership papers. Favor and Will are left twenty miles from the herd. Adam brings them water. Shelby and Tebbets show up and say they voted Adam out. They want the ownership papers. Will warns Adam, Shelby snuck up behind him. Clete shows up. As Adam shoots Tebbets, Clete shoots Adam.
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