Season 8 Episode 11

Brush War at Buford

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

Major Buford who fought for the South ties his herd in with Rowdy's. He does this so he can cross Duke Aberdeen's land. Duke was a POW in a Confederate prison, and won't let Buford's cattle cross his land. The major's son Court hates anything Yankee. Union forces burned the Buford mansion in Virginia, and soon after Mrs. Buford died. Duke sends out phoney stock inspectors for brand cutting. Duke says he can claim the Buford brand a rustler brand and split his herd among the association. The Major tells Rowdy take your herd across the Red. I'll find another way to fight the association. Rowdy tells Jed to graze the herd on Buford's land. The Wichita Kid is ready to lynch Rowdy for rustling. The kid's brother stops him. They do lynch Drago Santee, Buford's ramrod. Jed, Rowdy and Quince follow a maverick trail that leads to a rustlers hidden valley. Duke's asks Rowdy where's the rustled cattle. Duke says he's taking Buford's cattle. Duke's men are covering the ford to Arkansas. Rowdy decoys Duke by pulling brush behind horse. They bite. While riding off Simon falls off. Colby shoots the Kid. Both herds cross the Red. Duke shoots Rowdy off his horse. Rowdy kills him.

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