Season 7 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 1964 on CBS

Episode Recap

Mr. Pence, from the New York Register, and a young gunslinger wannabe ride up to Gurd and Augusta Canliss, who are in a wagon. Gurd is an aging hired gun, the fastest gun in the west. The young gun wants to draw on Gurd. Gurd chases him off. Favor knows Augusta. Gurd is here to kill Don Miguel for $1500. Augusta has lied about coming from a plantation. Augusta has a boy tell Favor to warn Don Miguel. Augusta confesses to the priest she may have to kill a man, and she already has killed one. Favor warns Don Miguel that Gurd is gunning for him. Lupe de Cruz, one of Don Miguel's boys, tries unsuccessfully to kill Gurd. Favor takes Augusta to Don Miguel. She asks that Gurd and her be allowed to leave. Gurd was shanghaied and at sea for three years. Augusta tells Gurd, Dan Miguel says we can ride out. Gurd says he has to do what he came to do. Augusta killed the last guy, Ben Cole, that Gurd thought he shot. He breaks her rifle. He tells her he wants to go home now. The Mexicans fire into his room. The drovers ride in and Canliss tells all he is leaving. One of Don Miguel's youngsters calls Gurd out. Don Miguel tries to stop it. The youngster says he must humble himself. Gurd says no. Gurd and Don Miguel face off. Gurd sees Augusta up in the window ready to shoot Don Miguel. Gurd takes off his guns and humbles himself. The women spit on him. Don Miguel sees Augusta. She wipes the spit off him. They kiss and embrace.