Season 8 Episode 8

Clash at Broken Bluff

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

The Webster spread is the only place that will protect the herd from the wind. Rowdy is met by Webster's widow, Cassie, who wants to have nothing to do with him or his herd. A detour would mean four or five days into the wind. The mayor, Mike Thorner, wants them to layover two days to vote against the women getting the vote. Free beer seals the deal. Rowdy's supply list will be filled after the election. The ladies break up beer kegs at Talbot's saloon. His men stop them. Rowdy rescues Cassie. The wind is spooking the herd. They head the herd toward Webster's canyon. Talbot wants Mike to get Cassie to quit this suffragette thing. No luck. Talbot is willing to kill Cassie. The smell of smoke almost stampedes the herd. The women are stoking a fire. Belle tells Ian to sneak out of camp to get some food. Rowdy follows and talks to Cassie. Cassie was eighteen when her parents married her off to a much older Jake Webster. It was a loveless union. She was relieved when he died. Rowdy tells her about his stepmother. Kiss. She says you are still not moving the herd through the pass. Women are blocking the pass. Rowdy goes for the sheriff, who says it's not in his jurisdiction. Mike tells Rowdy Cassie has gone home to get supplies for the women at the pass. He says go talk to her. Talbot is going to burn Cassie's barns and run off her stock. Rowdy tells Cassie he'll keep the drovers from voting. Talbot and his men have Rowdy and Cassie holed up. Mike arrives and shoots Talbot. Mike slaps Cassie. Rowdy and Mike mix it up. Mike falls. Cassie rushes to his side. He asks her to marry. Kiss. Rowdy leaves. The drive moves on.