Season 7 Episode 7

Damon's Road (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 1964 on CBS

Episode Recap

C&L Railroad builder, Jonathan Damon's crew has quit because they haven't been paid. Banker Goodgate asks if the track will reach Oxford on schedule. Shopkeeper John tells Damon no more credit. Damon's girl, Goldie, and the three girls in her act, the Kumquats, are going back to St. Louis. Damon needs to dig up twenty men. Damon convinces Goldie to stay. Favor's taking 2400 head to Oxford. Damon tells Favor he'll bring the buyers out. Damon will throw the drovers a party. Wish, Rowdy, Mushy and Quince lose the draw and have to stay with the herd. Damon calls Jenkins, the roulette wheel operator, a cheat and fires him. It was an act. Goldie and the Kumquats perform. A fight breaks out. Goldie knocks Favor out with a blackjack. The drovers wake up in the stockade. Damon says it is the railroad that has them locked up, until the circuit judge gets here. Damon tells Rowdy that Favor has gone to the doctor in town. The judge is partial to railroaders. Rowdy asks what if the drovers went to work for the railroad till after the trial. They sign work contracts which Damon says he will tear up after the trial. Favor wakes up at the hotel with Goldie. He finds her blackjack. She locks him in the room and throws his boots out the window. He climbs out the window. Goldie rips her dress and screams abduction. The sheriff arrests Favor. Damon tells the judge Favor started the barroom brawl and abducted Goldie. The judge puts the drovers on 90 day probation. Damon tells Rowdy to get the drovers to work on the railroad. Rowdy slugs Damon, and is put in the stockade. Damon tells Favor he wants the ramrod, cook, wagons, beef and Favor.