Season 7 Episode 8

Damon's Road (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 1964 on CBS

Episode Recap

The drovers are working on the railroad. Rowdy is in the stockade. Damon tells them railroads are the future, droving is the past. Favor, still in jail, tells a young cowboy Goldie has the hots for him. The sheriff arrests him when he accosts her. Favor escapes when the sheriff is trying to put him into the cell. Damon smoozes with Wish to get him to cook for the railroad. Favor takes a pump car and goes to the end of the track. Rowdy tells Favor the men like railroading. Damon gets Mushy to beg to sign a work contract. Favor sends Quince to Oxford to send a telegram to Fremont. Favor takes the telegrapher to Hank's bar. Quince's telegram says Damon's payroll has been there for a week. Damon's original crew is there. Favor hides in Goldie's room. He says he's out and not mad. He asks her help. She thinks about it then screams and rips her costume, again. He gags her, stuffs her in a trunk, and throws her shoes out the window. Favor incites the old crew. Goldie takes the pump car. Favor leads the old crew with sticks. Favor has Damon call off the armed guards. Rowdy suggests Favor fights Damon. Goldie arrives. The cattle drift in. The pay train comes and stampedes the herd. Damon apologizes. Favor slugs him. Damon still wants to hire Favor. Damon slugs Favor. They agree whoever loses the fight comes to work for the winner. Favor wins. Goldie's sitting off the back of the supply wagon, barefoot, sewing her costume.