Season 8 Episode 10

Duel at Daybreak

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

The new drover, Roman Bedford, a young southern gentleman, carries Vicky Woodruff from her carriage over a puddle to her porch. She reminds him about his invitation to dinner tonight. Her daddy's foreman Del Lingman watches. Roman tries to cross two planks over a puddle. Del stops him, by firing at him. Roman doesn't have a gun. One of Del's men throws one on the ground. Del fires at the gun as Roman tries to pick it up. Rowdy has Mason Woodruff chase Del off. Rowdy has contracted to deliver 750 Woodruff cattle. Vicky wants her daddy to fire Del. He won't. She wants her and her dad to return to Savanah.  He says their home is here now. Rowdy says Roman will have to start wearing a gun. Jed is ready to draw on Del. Rowdy and Wish stop it. At dinner Roman says he remembers seeing Mason's picture in the Savanah paper. Roman and Del agree to duel at dawn the day after tomorrow. Vicky asks her father why he is allowing this. Jed schools Roman with a gun. Rowdy tries to get Woodruff to send Del away. He won't. Vicky overhears the pleads with her dad. She pleads with Del, but he'll not fight for only one reason. If he gets her. Rowdy asks Roman what he knows about Woodruff. He says it doesn't have anything to do with this. Woodruff catches Vicky sneaking out to leave with Del. He tells her there's no estate in Savanah. He was a clerk on another man's plantation. He helped destroy him. He's a trader and a thief. Vicki says you must stop the duel now. Woodruff tells Del Vicky is not coming out and fires him. Del wings Woodruff. Del gets the drop on Jed and Roman. He has Jed give Roman his gun. They shoot it out. Del's dead. Roman will be okay. The Woodruffs are going back to face Savanah.