Season 7 Episode 29

El Hombre Bravo

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 14, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

Favor and Mushy are driving six prize bulls toward the American border in Mexico. A band of Mexicans tell Favor they are looking for El Hombre Bravo. General Velasquez's men rope a drive steer and search the wagons for El Hombre Bravo. Favor and Mushy meet Pajarito, a school teacher, and eight orphans heading to a mission north of the border. Pajarito wrote pamphlets for the revolutionaries and signed them El Hombre Bravo. The band of Mexicans want to charge a peso a head toll for the cattle. They settle for six yearlings. Favor's bunch hide as Velasquez passes. Pajarito introduces Favor to his compatriots. Pajarito asks his friend Joaquin to shoot him. He declines. He then asks Favor, who declines. He wants to die so the legend of El Hombre Bravo can live on. Favor. Mushy and the kids head for the border. Pajarito and the revolutionaries battle Velasquez. Pajarito walks out and is killed.