Season 8 Episode 1

Encounter at Boot Hill

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 14, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

Morgan Kane and his son Jethro, who has a bum leg, hang two drifters who killed his son, Vance. Morgan kills Peters and seriously wounds Ian who tried to stop it. Rowdy takes Ian to Regis for medical attention. He tries unsuccessfully to get the law to investigate Peters' killing. Rowdy fights Deputy Walker, to get him to say where the sheriff is. Walker says "Find him yourself". Jethro doesn't want to go to Vance's funeral. Rowdy notices Jethro's bum leg at the funeral. Sheriff Blaine says the drifters broke Vance's neck. Blaine is blackmailing Jethro. The coroner's inquest finds the Kane's innocent. Rowdy tells Morgan he's taking him and his son to Wichita for a fair trial. Kane didn't tell Blaine he killed Peters. Blaine takes Kane's gun. The telegrapher won't send Rowdy's telegram. Blaine straps on his gun. The Kanes are waiting for Rowdy and open fire when they ride up. Blaine disarms Rowdy and tells Kane to kill him. Jethro demands, no more killing. Jethro says he killed Vance, hitting him over the head with a bottle. Rowdy asks how do you know Vance was dead when he was taken to jail. Blaine told Walker to kill Vance. Blaine shoots Walker, who is confessing. Morgan kills Blaine. Jethro is killed. Morgan orders his dead son to get up. Kane says he is ready now to stand to judgment.