Season 8 Episode 5

Escort to Doom

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

A pack of eight Indians has been trailing the herd for three days. Their leader looks white. They're Chiricahua, and Wish doesn't like them. Rowdy talks to the leader, Jacob Yellow-Sun. Rowdy offers them jobs driving cattle. The drovers and Indians don't like the idea. Rowdy tells Yellow-Sun to have his men put their rifles in the wagon. He says as soon as your men do, they will too. Yellow-Sun's grandmother was the daughter of the chief. He went to the mission school. An Indian steals flour. Yellow-Sun is ready to cut his ear off, but says Rowdy should do it. Rowdy shoves the Indian's head into the barrel of flour. Wish says the Indian would rather have you cut off both ears than shame him. Yellow-Sun asks Simon why he works for the white man. Quadero asks how long will they do the white man's bidding. Rowdy asks Yellow-Sun where is he going. They fight. Wish follows Yellow-Sun. Yellow-Sun gets the drop on him. Wish's brother was killed in a Chiricahua raid. Yellow-Sun also had a brother killed. Quadero wants to stampede the cattle and slaughter the whites. Yellow-Sun says he'll tell his plan when the time comes. Rowdy sends a few boys out with rifles. At the Little Red River, twenty or more Pawnee are on the ridge. Quadero has been gone for many hours. Pawnees are blood enemies, but Yellow-Sun won't kill Indians. The drovers take cover in the rocks. The Pawnee charge. Yellow-Sun and his braves join the battle against the Pawnee. The Pawnees are run off. Quadero shoots Yellow-Sun. He tells Wish his coffee was the best he ever had, and dies.