Season 4 Episode 22

Hostage Child

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 1962 on CBS

Episode Recap

A thirteen year old Indian takes food from the supply wagon. He is Arnee from the Silver River Canyon Reservation. He is going to Fort Lacey to see his sister. Clay says the fort is commanded by Colonel Briscoe, the Butcher. Rowdy takes Arnee to Fort Lacey. Briscoe wants to eradicate all Indians. Briscoe and his wife, Azuela, have a infant son, John. Major Harper warns Rowdy and Arnee to leave. Arnee tells Briscoe, Azuela is his sister. She won't admit he is her brother. Briscoe has Arnee locked up. Rowdy questions Azuela. Briscoe throws Rowdy off the post. Arnee tells Briscoe he had a sister once, but not any more. For three years Briscoe was prisoner of the Sioux. He was humiliated and cried. Azuela takes John and steals away under cover of darkness. She goes to see Rowdy. Tomorrow is a feast day for the Tangowa. They'll leave the reservation to hunt buffalo. Rowdy and the baby hide. Briscoe has Harper look for John in the buggy. Azuela tells Briscoe John is with Rowdy. John cries, Rowdy brings him out. Briscoe tells Rowdy to take John to the reservation. Briscoe orders Azuela executed. Harper refuses. Briscoe is going to shoot Harper. Azuela stabs him to death. Harper says he will see if the Indians can hunt off the reservation. Favor gives them scrub cattle in the mean time.

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