Season 1 Episode 2

Incident at Alabaster Plain

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

Rowdy, Wish and Pete go to ask Father Fabian if they can fill their water barrels at his mission. There is a wedding going on. They must leave their guns outside. Wish won't give up his derringer. Favor rides up to find the three tied up. The groom Buzz Travis was a POW with Rowdy. The crew is invited to the reception. Mastic asks Father Fabian about his stepfather's ranch. Justin Cardin is the father of the bride, and Mastic's stepfather. Mastic killed a fourteen year old servant, for not saddling his horse fast enough. Mastic tries to get Rowdy to draw. Favor stops it. Favor tells Father Fabian to warn Justin of Mastic. Favor tells Justin not to try to pay Mastic off. Justin posts the watch at the four corners. Favor witnesses Justin's will. Mastic comes to talk business with Justin. He has killed sixteen men. Justin offers Mastic $5K to leave. Mastic takes all $75K out of the strongbox. He clubs Justin with his pistol and leaves. Verbena finds Justin and screams. The doctor is called. Justin dies. Rowdy and Buzz go after Mastic. Favor decides to follow. Father Fabian smashed little Mastic's rifle. He was killing calves. Mastic has the wine casks smashed. Father tells Mastic, Buzz is coming in unarmed. Buzz calls Mastic out. He turns to leave. Mastic shoots him in the hip. Favor shows up and gets Rowdy a gun. Mastic goes up the bell tower. Favor pulls sharply on the bell rope and the bell knocks Mastic out of the tower and he falls to his death.