Season 6 Episode 23

Incident at Hourglass

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 1964 on CBS

Episode Recap

Rowdy and Quince find out the army is building a dam at Hourglass Pass. The same pass they have to get the herd through. The Post Adjutant, Captain James Rankin, says no. His wife Sally Ann and Favor are just about kissing cousins. She grew up at Fairhill, a "plantation". Sally Ann hates Rankin. He promised her Washington D.C. parties and Paris gowns. Lt. Cook hears Sally ask Favor for help to leave Rankin. Cook clunks Favor. She pulls a gun on Cook. Favor is charged with his murder. Rowdy, Quince and Scarlet go to look for Favor. Favor doesn't remember what happened. Wish cooks up some beef for the soldiers and pump them for some information. At his court martial Sally Ann lies. Sally Ann has been seen with every young lieutenant on the post. It is rumored she has a chest of money. Favor acts as his own counsel. Sally Ann says she bruises easily. There is no bruise where she says Favor grabbed her. Favor says Sally Ann lied about Fairhill being a plantation. Sally Ann believes the chest was filled with wages paid to solders who don't exist. Rankin told Sally Ann about the ghost battalion. There's no money in the chest. It was a ploy by Rankin to keep Sally Ann. She says she shot Cook. The blasting is delayed until the herd is through the pass.