Season 5 Episode 16

Incident at Spider Rock

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 1963 on CBS

Episode Recap

Willie Cain introduces himself to Judy Hall. She's not impressed. She works at Lola's saloon. Lola's going to take the drovers for all they got. She's watering the booze and the girls are stealing their money. Rowdy wants to look at the deck. A brawl ensues. The supplies are bad, Rowdy gives them an hour to replace them. Lola and the town is tar and feathering Judy. They think Judy told the drovers the town was going to cheat them. Rowdy rescues her. Favor says she can go as far as Butte City. Favor tells her to leave the men alone. Willie and Rowdy fight over Judy. Judy's teaching Rock to write. Willie slaps Judy. She tells Favor she tripped over a log. Judy is the daughter of very rich Frank Hallworth. Willie kicks Rock. Rock's horse stomps and kills him. Judy tells Favor she went after his men to spite him. Favor tells Joe to take her to Butte City in the morning. Willie tells Joe we can kidnap her and hold her at Spider Rock. Willie tells Favor to go to Butte City and wire Judy's dad for a $5,000 ransom. Rowdy goes to Spider Rock, Joe captures him. The river is too high for Favor to cross. He goes after Rowdy. Favor tells Joe there isn't any money. Willie is going to kill Favor. Joe and Willie kill each other. As he dies Joe tells Judy a person got to be what they were born to be. Judy wants to return home alone. Rowdy rides after her, telling Favor I'll be back.