Season 3 Episode 7

Incident at Superstition Prairie

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 1960 on CBS

Episode Recap

Pete reports water and grazing ahead. Favor asks if it's open range. Pete says the Comanches say it's fine if the herd causes no trouble. Wish finds a dying, starving Indian, Sankeno. Pete tells him to leave him alone. Ossolo, the medicine man, comes to Favor for Sankeno. Favor says he doesn't have him. Ossolo says the body must be back in the cave by sunset. Wish has Sankeno in the supply wagon. Favor tells Pete to take him back to his village. The Indians say they don't see Sankeno standing next to Pete. The young are falling ill. Ossolo says there's no body in the cave and puts a curse on the drovers. Ossolo comes back to the camp at night ready to stab Wish. Teddy stops him. Favor lets him go. The Indians' stream dries up. The chief declares it's time to shed blood. Smoke signals are asking for other tribes to help. Sankeno says the river has done this before, when he was a boy. It has gone into an underground bed upstream. Sankeno shows them the spot and the drovers dig. The chief gives them till noon to hit water. Wish is going to the Indians to sacrifice himself for the others. They already have Mushy tied to a couple of trees. He said he made the magic. They tie Wish up too. Pete blows a hole in the ditch. Still no water. Pete says we might have a chance if we leave the herd. Sankeno tells Favor that Wish went to the village. Teddy tries to hit Favor. Favor slaps Teddy into the ditch. It fills with water. Favor takes Sankeno back to the village. Wish gives something to Ossolo for the sick kids. Pete and Favor find Sankeno back in the cave.