Season 1 Episode 21

Incident in No Man's Land

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 12, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

The drive has reached good graze. Then explosions may stampede the herd. Favor and Rowdy ride into a settlement of women. The women think they're from the Huntsville prison. The blacksmith tells them they have to go to the camp about the explosions. The camp uses contract prison labor. The women are the convicts wives and girlfriends. Clement won't release Todd McCauley even though his time is about up. He believes he knows where the Western Union money he stole is. Clement tells Favor he won't stop the blasting. Todd asks Favor to tell his wife, Ann, he's getting out early. Todd negotiates with Viner who has stolen dynamite to break out. Favor smells a break and moves the herd. The convicts breakout and arm themselves. Sarah has no man at the camp. She was hired to bring guns. The convicts ambush and chain up the guards and Clement. The convicts are going to rush the herd to get horses,but Todd comes in alone says they need horses and have dynamite. Kallino asks Todd about the dynamite in front of Ann. Favor frees Clement.

Favor gets the drop on Todd and tells him to tell Ann about the money. Ann wants no part of the money. She asks Favor to take her with him. She wants to be with the herd when the dynamite is used. The money is hid in Todd's toolbox. Ann tells Favor where the dynamite is. Kallino is ready to shoot Ann. Todd kills Kallino. Todd tells Viner there's no money. Todd says he's going back. Viner shoots Todd. Favor lights a stick of dynamite and approaches the convicts. He's winged, but throws the stick at the convicts. Todd tells Ann to give the money back. She says she will. Todd dies.
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