Season 3 Episode 13

Incident Near the Promised Land

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 1961 on CBS

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  • Financial scare! No buyers!

    This week's episode begins with the herd finally making a entrance to Sedalia! But all is not well. Upon entering Sedalia the Outfit find out the biggest bank in Chicago has went under causing a nationwide panic. But matters get worse from there.

    Gil Favor has to find somewhere to graze the cattle to try and hold out to wait for the market to stabilize. Enter Mary Astor depicting Emma Caldwell. Her character is bitter and resentful due to her husband himself being a cattlemen and helping build the town of Sedalia's cattle market which eventually contributed to his death.

    Wishbone tries to "stimulate" the market by sneaking onto a train in his finest duds and claiming to be a cattle buyer and goes further by spreading the rumor that the market is recovering and not in fact in panic what so ever. Well this plan however well intended back fires and leads to the outfit almost being arrested.

    Gil Favor has signed a written contract to graze the herd at Mrs. Cardwells ranch for a high price. He approaches her explaining the situation and attempts to leave an . to secure the herd while he drives them west to graze through the winter to await a better market but Emma Cardwell is having no part of this and due to inside knowledge and attempts to buy the whole herd for a cut throat price.

    Gil Favor confronts Emma Cardwell and she admits her disdain for cattlemen and makes no attempt to deny her plan the whole time to buy Gil Favor's herd at rock bottom prices due to the market collapse.

    Without ruining the ending of the episode needless to say the outfit tries to move the herd by force while no avail and further the Sheriff charges the Outfit with criminal charges. With Emma Cardwell Grazing debt, the outfits payroll and the new fines facing the herd it appears that the entire drive is going belly up.

    Luckily though everything works out by the end and the herd does not go belly up as it certainly appeared to be.

    Mary Astor demonstrated her great acting ability in this episode and Clint Eastwood steps up the plate very well. Paul Brinegar as always brings his great character to life and causes you to be amused and enjoy every second he appears.

    Another great episode with a excellent story!
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