Season 1 Episode 22

Incident of a Burst of Evil

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 26, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

A wild man, Bing, has been following the drive. He sneaks into camp and is caught. He's been beaten and says they did it to me to get to you. They are going to come at you hard. Rowdy finds Louisa del Fuentes, a countess, with two other women and a boy, all starving. She was attacked by Comanches on her way to California. Rowdy goes back and gets them food. Rowdy gives Louisa a bandana. She offers him a mirror, but he says he couldn't take it. She sneaks it into his saddlebag. Jonas and two guys traveling with Louisa, chase Rowdy off. Favor, Rowdy, Wish and Mushy go to a trading post for supplies. Bing and his son, Roy, were attacked by Comancheros and forced to join them. He says they're going to hit at a pass ten miles ahead. Rowdy finds the mirror and takes it into the trading post. The locals say it belonged to a rancher's daughter burned out by the Comanches. They try unsuccessfully to hold Rowdy. Rowdy goes to the Comanchero camp to get Louisa to take her to the trading post to explain about the mirror. He's caught. Louisa tells Rowdy the Comancheros are going to flank the herd. The Comancheros are holding Roy so Bing will lead the herd to them. A small band is used as a diversion, while the main bunch hits the herd. The drovers lie in wait and cut them to ribbons. Rowdy nails Jonas. The locals thank them for killing two dozen of them and apologize. Louisa gets gussied up and says she is going home. She smooches Rowdy.