Season 3 Episode 14

Incident of the Big Blowout

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 1961 on CBS

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  • End of the trail, Drovers in town, Gil Upset and Trouble abounds!

    A great episode starting out with the outfit finally celebrating the end of a drive in Sedalia. Gil Favor receives a letter from back home telling him his old sweetheart has moved on and married another man. But the episode is shifted quickly to the drovers acting up all over the town.

    A particular humorous scene occurred in the barber shop when the crew tries to hold Wishbone down and force him to get a shave. Luckily the barber was too scared and intimidated by Wishbone to cut even one whisker. I added the quote down below. And as usual Wishbone never misses a chance while in town to dress up in his finest duds.

    While shopping a clerk refuses to sell to Hey Soos (The Mexican man that tends to the horses) and Gil Favor, Rowdy Yates and Wishbone decide to let the clerk know they don't appreciate his blatant racism and take their business elsewhere. It shows how Rawhide dived into racial problems with no regard back before the civil rights movement had taken hold and while other shows did not even dare to broach the subject. Another fine example while I continue to watch this show. A timeless classic. The outfit also gets together for a Photograph all of which dressed in their fine duds. If you have not seen Clint Eastwood young and dressed in the finest wear of the day definitely gave me a giggle.

    Also in this episode we have Mari Blanchard guest starring as Laura Carter, a gorgeous lady with a few strange motives. But I will not spoil the entire episode. Her acting was good and she added a nice feminine touch to the show.

    In another funny scene the outfit is gathered in a saloon eating and Wishbone demands to see the bartender to let him know how awful the food is. The gang pipes in and says the same and when the bartender says "Can you do any better" the men quickly point to Wishbone and insist he could do better cooking all the while Wishbone forces his way into the kitchen and takes over while running the hired help outta the saloon. A little later Wishbone again tempts fate by discussing opening his own cafe some day.

    Meanwhile Gil Favor takes up getting good and drunk in his hotel room. Before long a man comes to see Mr. Favor to try to entice him into going into business with him. Then a bounty hunter makes himself known as well seeking out a certain dead drover. Gil Favor informs him of the drovers demise.

    All in all a great episode I will not spoil anymore of this great episode. It has a great plot and acting. And I think we should add the drovers are in Sedalia a real town for most of the episode. You get to see everyone go from drover dirty to formal dress. After four seasons we finally get to see everyone in town at the same time and having a great time!

    Will Rowdy be lynched? Does Wishbone start his own cafe? Does Laura Carter have motives to deceive gil? Will Mushy become head cook on the drive? Does Wishbone finally shave? Tune in to find out!