Season 2 Episode 11

Incident of the Blue Fire

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

A storm with lightning is making the herd nervous. Favor doubles the night guard. The blue fire of St. Elmo appears on the horns of the steers. Hey Soos says if a stranger should appear, he stops and blesses himself, death will follow. A stranger, Lucky Markley rides in. A clap of thunder and the herd stampedes. Rowdy turns the herd. Lucky says he has thirty some head to sell. Favor says he can't use any scrub cattle, but he'll look at them. Favor says no. Lucky says there is about two dozen Commanches around. He's headed to the next town. Hey Soos says Lucky is the devil. A brave kills a steer the demands Lucky's horse. Lucky kills the brave. Pete suggests an Indian guard. The Commanches line the ridge. A young buck comes out to talk. He wants the killer of his brother, ten steers, sugar, rifles and tobacco. Lucky tells Favor the Indians can have his scrubs. Teddy snubs Lucky. Lucky offers Favor to leave. Favor tells him to stay the night. Favor first hit the trail with Lucky Ken Higgins. He was killed in a stampede. Hey Soos pulls a knife on Lucky. Collins takes over the fight. Rowdy tells Lucky to get out. Lucky tells Rowdy he wants to be friends. Rowdy tells him get on your horse and go. St. Elmo's fire is on the horns. Lightning strikes, the herd stampedes. The Indians chase them. Lucky comes back and tries to turn the herd. Lucky is struck by lightning and is killed. Lucky's body slumped over his horse, turns the herd. They find Lucky's body. Pete tells Hey Soos someone did die.