Season 3 Episode 11

Incident of the Broken Word

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 1961 on CBS

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  • Alot of story packed into this episode

    Very good episode we have here. Interestingly enough the usual opening ritual of one of the drovers giving us some ranch wisdom or cattle philosophy was skipped this week. But not to despair this episode has plenty of heart and soul and that is what matters to me.

    An added bonus in this episode is a guest appearance from Dick York. He plays a drover with checkered past and a drinking problem. In one particular scene it opens with Dick York's character sitting in a bar at a table with a bottle of whiskey but what was so great was in front of the camera was a "soiled dove of the prairie" legs. The whole shooting of the opening of that scene just almost foreshadowed the bad times in front of Dick York's character.

    In this quality episode none of the usual characters dominated the screen. If anything Dick York dominated this episode which usually I would gripe about but in his case it was welcomed. The scenes where he was intoxicated were very well acted and scripted.

    The overall story was exceptional as well. Usually in Rawhide you know the main antagonist and problems fairly quickly into the episode this week the meat and potato's were evenly placed throughout the plot so to speak. If I was making a top ten Rawhide list this episode would make that list, maybe not top five but definitely top ten material.
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