Season 3 Episode 2

Incident of the Challenge

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 1960 on CBS

Episode Recap

Favor and Pete look at a dry river. The cows have had no water for six says. They see a twister and try to outrun it. Favor's horse stumbles. Pete follows the sound of Favor's horse. Favor wakes up to an Indian, Mitla and his burro. Rowdy and Pete find them. Hey Soos says he is an Aztec. Thirty head have dropped from thirst. Mitla has traveled 1500 miles looking for the holy daughter of an Aztec princess. He says she will be found in a palace surrounded by gold with eagles, cactus and serpents around her neck, in a town named for the Virgin Mother. They take Mitla to Santa Maria looking for water. In the Great Eastern Gambling Palace, Favor asks Major Vic Garius about water. Vic gives Julie a necklace of Mexican coins having an eagle sitting on a cactus with a serpent in his mouth. Vic introduces Favor to Leonard Melberg who offers $12 a hide for half the herd. Favor says no. Mitla thinks Julie is the princess, Hey Soos agrees. Julie doesn't. Nate Johnson is sent to the Kiowa to buy water. He is authorized to offer one tenth of the herd. Hey Soos and Mitla try to get Julie to go to Mexico. The major's horse gets spooked and kills Mitla. Another omen, the sign of luck, a horse shoe print on his face. Julie sends Vic home to his wife. Julie wants to tag along with the herd to Canyonville. Julie tells Vic she's leaving. The drovers see Nick he's dead, tied to his horse, dried dirt in his mouth, Kiowa sign for "No water - keep out". Favor asks Vic about the $12. Vic says whole herd $1 a head. Julie doesn't believe in it but she'll pray for rain. Julie warns Favor of Indians. She gets an arrow in the back. The chief has come for their water. Favor says there is none. The Indians leave. Julie dies in Vic's arms. Vic tells Favor his cows can have water. It rains.