Season 1 Episode 12

Incident of the Chubasco

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

The drive must climb to a plateau known for it's high winds and dust storms. Favor hires extra hands. Tom Bryan is hired because he has a wagon. Tom sneaks Sally into the wagon from the bushes. Jefferson Devareaux, a rich land owner, is looking for a man and woman, his wife. Rowdy recognizes Tom and they fight, but Rowdy won't say why. Rowdy shows Favor a wedding veil he found. Favor finds Sally. Jeff paid Sally's guardians for her hand. She was married to him yesterday. Arkansas, a Mexican Favor hired, wants all the money Favor has. Rowdy sneaks up behind Arkansas, who doesn't shoot Favor and says he will stand by him. Jeff says forty of his men will arrive at dawn. He wants Tom to hang. Tom was a POW with Rowdy, he sold out to the Yankees. Sally and Tom are ready to go to Jeff. Favor sends Tom on nightherd. Jeff's men arrive. Favor says he will turn Tom over to the sheriff in Johnstown. Sally wings Jeff. Jeff wants Sally begging for him to take her back. Riggs is ready to turn Sally and Tom over. Favor stops it. Jeff and his men are waiting at the pass. They shoot at Pete and Favor. Jeff threatens to blow up the pass. Sally wants to go to Jeff to stop the standoff. Tom gives himself up and is put in a noose. Favor's men rush Jeff. Favor asks to talk. He says Jeff stole Sally from Tom. Sally runs to Tom and begs for his life. Jeff cuts the fuse cord and says his marriage to Sally will be annulled.