Season 1 Episode 14

Incident of the Dog Days

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

Favor stops Talby from shooting Johnny Camber. Talby says he's gunslinger, Billy Carter, who killed his daughter. Old trailboss Jed lost a herd over this land. A detour around would take two to three weeks. Carl Myers says he's taking cockleburrs out of Rowdy's bedroll. Jed Blaine says he thinks they can make it across the dry plain. Bates and two others quit. Pete and Rowdy are ready to mix it up. Jed tells Pete Favor wants him. Clark accuses Myers of being a card cheat and a trail camp thief. Talby says Billy ran off with his 18 year old daughter and killed her. The watering hole is poisoned. Rowdy and Pete fight. Favor and Jed stop it. Pete reports water ahead. Favor complains about no sugar and hard bread. Wish quits. Clark accuses Myer of steaing his watch. They fight and Myers stabs Clark and splits. Jed goes after Myers and kills him. The loot is returned. Talby finds his daughter's picture in Johnny's gear. He shows it to Johnny. Billy is ready to face off. Favor steps in for Talby and Wings Johnny. His gun wan't loaded. Billy married Jenny Talby. That day he threw all his shells away. A drunken gunslinger recognized Billy. Jenny jumped between the two and was killed. Pete, Scarlet, Quince and others quit. Jed, Talby and Billy stay. Mushy gets his wish to be a drover. The next waterhole has dried up. Favor tells Mushy, Jed, Talby, Wish, Johnny and Rowdy to take off, get out of his sight. They won't quit. Pete and the others return and say they got lost. They ask if they can stroll along with the herd. They reach grass and water.