Season 1 Episode 19

Incident of the Dry Drive

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 22, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

Rowdy is hazing twenty cattle back to the herd. Six guys clunk him and take the cattle. Pete, Favor, Scarlett and Quince find stamping the beeves. Favor knows the guy in charge Jess Hode. Jess lets Favor take them, saying he'll get more than that later to one of his men. Jess declares the only water, Trader's well, private. Favor goes to see Jess. Jess was a trail boss until the owners thought he was too old. Jess wants half the herd for water. Jess' son Jim asks are you sure there ain't enough water. Jess answers, I'm sure there ain't enough for him. Favor heads the herd to Wolf Creek to avoid a fight. Jim wants to ride along with the herd for a couple days to learn somethings. Steers are dying of thirst. Rowdy calls Jess a thief. He and Jim fight. Favor breaks it up. Favor tell's Jim the world's changing but Jess won't. Wolf Creek is dry. They head back to Trader's Well. Rowdy and Jim go to talk to Jess. Jim tells Jess you've got to let them have water. Rowdy says Jess built up his herd with a long rope, branding iron and a bullet in the back at night. Jim rides with Favor against Jess and his men. Jess's wife Carrie puts a rifle in Jess' back. You hurt my boy, he's your boy too, I'm going to kill you. All lower their guns. Jess just sits. Jim brings the jug to share.